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Webinar: Unleash Your CRM Secret Weapon

Most in the auto retail industry understand the potential of a CRM, but many are still struggling to understand how to unleash its full power in their dealership. If your dealership is still trying to make the most of your CRM, join our very own Mark Vickery, Senior Director of Performance Management at VinSolutions, for a free webinar on how to do just that.   

Mark has been a part of the Cox Automotive Performance Management team, which provides personalized, regular software utilization consultation to clients, for nearly 10 years. In that time, he has identified several key areas that dealerships tend to overlook. In this webinar, Mark will explore several ways for dealers to improve the ROI of their CRM investment, including:  

  • Creating a CRM data capture action plan  

  • Building a team of CRM champions, both internal and external  

  • Designing an ongoing training program to maintain high utilization  

Join this webinar and you will leave with actionable next steps for increasing efficiency, productivity and ROI with improved CRM utilization.  

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