Maximize productivity with artificial intelligence and automation.

The Challenge

Every opportunity is valuable to dealerships, but chasing every lead—without knowing which ones are most likely to convert—can be costly. And as more customers shop outside of the traditional in-person showroom setting, dealerships need to be ready to connect with shoppers at any time.

How We Solve It

VinSolutions’ virtual assistant tool, Vinessa, helps dealerships increase productivity and capture more opportunities by automating key sales tasks, including responding to customers via text and email, setting appointments, and scheduling follow-up tasks.

Watch In Action

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What Makes us Different

Comprehensive View of Communications

Accelerate the purchase process with Vinessa’s integration with VinSolutions CRM. With a comprehensive view of all of Vinessa’s customer engagements in the CRM customer record, salespeople can pick up with customers where Vinessa left off and keep deals moving.


Automated Appointment and Task Scheduling

Keep salespeople focused on the customers closest to converting with the integration between Vinessa and VinSolutions CRM, which enables Vinessa to schedule appointments and tasks on salespeople’s behalf.

Personalized, Human-Like Lead Nurturing

Ensure customers always receive the same personalized responses they’d get with a member of your staff with Vinessa, which uses powerful artificial intelligence to understand and respond to customer questions.



Keep customers engaged, even after hours

Automate real-time, two-way text and email communication with customers when a salesperson is not available, using Vinessa’s artificial intelligence and dealership data to answer questions.

Customize how and when to engage customers

Determine how and when Vinessa responds to leads with flexible and customizable settings.

Automate appointment setting

Keep salespeople focused on advanced selling tasks with Vinessa’s ability to schedule showroom appointments with customers on a salesperson’s behalf.

Meet customers where they are

Keep salespeople up-to-date on every customer’s interactions with Vinessa with a comprehensive readout in the CRM customer dashboard and CRM alerts.

Schedule effective follow-up tasks

Improve sales conversion rates with automatically scheduled follow-up tasks for dealership personnel that effectively guide customers throughout their unique paths to purchase.

Increase profit, not headcount

Consistently follow up with customers with Vinessa’s response automation at a fraction of the cost of hiring a BD agent or salesperson—boosting your bottom line.

Monitor lead volume and engagement

Quickly and easily monitor the volume and status of leads, appointments, and sales that Vinessa has contributed to with the comprehensive Virtual Assistant Dashboard.
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