Engage customers with personalized, automated marketing.

The Challenge

Customers expect personalized, relevant marketing from dealerships. But delivering personalization at scale—while balancing multiple departments, tools, and staff members—is often challenging. 


How We Solve It

Automotive Marketing Platform simplifies marketing processes, engages customers, and delivers personalized marketing experiences across the ownership lifecycle with advanced data insights, automated workflows, and the hands-on support of a Marketing Account Manager.  

Watch In Action

Automotive Marketing Platform makes executing effective, personalized campaigns simpler than ever. The tool fully integrates with your VinSolutions CRM and leverages proprietary Cox Automotive consumer data to help your sales team make the most of every marketing opportunity.

What Makes us Different

Complete CRM Integration

Help your sales team have more informed customer conversations with full visibility into the marketing communications every customer has received and engaged with, directly in the customer record in VinSolutions CRM.


Advanced Data Insights

Target the segment of customers who are most likely to buy—before they even submit a lead—with Cox Automotive proprietary data, including customers’ online shopping behavior.

8x ROI

Dealers with Automotive Marketing Platform powered by VinSolutions have seen an average of nearly 8X ROI on their investment.

Source: Based on analysis of VinSolutions dealers with Automotive Marketing Platform powered by VinSolutions from July 2021 to July 2022



Automate workflows with customer data

Determine the best next step for reaching out to your customers, without manual execution by your team. Boost engagement with automated, personalized “if/then” marketing journeys built from customer data.

Target customers who are ready to buy

Build automated, targeted campaigns to reach in-market shoppers—before they even submit a lead—with Cox Automotive proprietary data and customers’ online shopping behavior insights.

Spend more time on strategy with hands-on support

Maximize the impact of your marketing with the hands-on support of your Marketing Account Manager. Your marketing specialist will execute campaigns based on the strategic direction you provide, delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time.

View marketing activity in your sales tools

Keep salespeople up-to-date on customer journeys with a complete view of the marketing communications a customer has received, directly in the CRM customer record.

Offer the right inventory at the right price

Automatically recommend the best match for your customers from your current inventory, as well as personalized payments. The Automated Offers features leverages customer data from across platforms and tools, including your desking platform, Kelley Blue Book, and Autotrader.

Measure and adjust

Quickly understand the performance of your campaigns and channels so you can adjust your approach effectively, maximizing ROI on your marketing spend.
Omni-Channel Marketing (1)

Implement an omni-channel approach

Communicate with customers through their preferred means of communication—email, text message, direct mail—to personalize their experience.


Market across channels

Reach your customers on the right channels, including email, phone call, and Facebook ads, with recommendations and automated CRM tasks from Automotive Marketing Platform.
See for yourself how Automotive Marketing Platform can take your dealership’s marketing to the next level.

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