General Sales Manager:

Misused resources limit your sales

What's Your Biggest Challenge?

Explore each of the challenges below to learn about the specific impacts on your business and how you can solve for them.


My Close Rate is Low

When you invest a lot in capturing and following up on opportunities, a low close rate is frustrating—and costly.


My Customer Experience Isn’t Good

Two-thirds of consumers say they would pay more for a great experience. But only 36% of consumers are satisfied with their dealership.*


My Salespeople Aren’t Using Our Software

Your dealership won’t see returns on your software investment if it is underutilized—or worse, not utilized at all.


Learn how other dealerships have improved their customer experience and boosted sales.

Drive More Sales

Tom LaPointe & Mike Lee

VinSolutions helps dealers acquire and sell more vehicles, more efficiently.
Drive More Sales

Jim Stanger

VinSolutions CRM has helped improve the customer experience and send internet sales soaring.

*2020 Cox Automotive Reimagining the Automotive Consumer Experience.

Resources for General SALES Managers

Explore these resources for general sales managers to learn more about how to take the next steps to address your toughest business challenges.


Key Dealership CRM Considerations Guide

Understanding and evaluating a new dealership CRM is easier said than done. In this guide, you’ll learn strategies for CRM evaluation that help ensure you find the tool that is right for your business…

The Dealer’s Guide to Implementing a Digital Sales Experience

Customers demand a personalized, seamless dealership experience. This playbook will help you drive digital transformation at your dealership.
Case Study

Serra Honda Grandville

See how Serra Honda Grandville has used VinSolutions CRM to boost employee performance, including improving data collection, customer communication, and lead-to-appointment ratios.