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Get The best deals for you and your customers

The Challenge

Today’s customers are looking for a connected, cohesive car-buying experience, whether they are finalizing the deal in store, online or some combination. But many customers are forced to restart their deal-making process every time they interact with the dealership.

How We Solve It

Desking a car deal refers to the process of offering options to customers so an agreement on a selling price, financing terms, and monthly payments can be reached. Our automotive desking software streamlines the buying process by showing current manufacturer incentives alongside bank rates.

Watch In Action

Hear a success story from a real dealer using VinSolutions Desking. Watch this video of Greg Johnson, sales manager at Mohawk Honda in Schenectady, New York, to learn how their sales department uses our auto dealer desking software to save time on every deal.

What Makes Us Different

Full Process Integration

Streamline the deal-making process with integrations between VinSolutions Desking and your other key software platforms. Push to a certified DMS in real time, pull in credit reports and OFAC checks with the power of Dealertrack’s network and see online customer deal information in VinSolutions CRM with Cox Automotive Digital Retailing.


Unmatched Accuracy

Reduce dealer desking errors and let your team focus on the customer experience with automated program validation from Rates & Residuals, which helps your team meet lender guidelines and ensure incentive compatibility. Access more lender data to return the top retail and lease programs based on consumer credit score. With the ability to see current manufacturer incentives and bank rates directly within VinSolutions Desking, Rates & Residuals enables you to confidently put together deals for customers that are both accurate and profitable.

Maximum Profitability

See side-by-side comparisons of multiple pricing proposals and vehicle options in VinSolutions Desking auto leasing software — including purchase, lease, cash and balloon options. Calculate maximum gross from every vehicle and make more accurate payment calculations to find the best deal for you and your customer. Make better decisions on discounts for selling prices to mitigate margin compression.

Product Features


Customize Every Deal

Work deals using a personal library of custom templates, with a form engine that displays real-time quotes, fuel savings, purchase-vs.-lease scenarios and vehicle comparison scenarios. Display incentives from AIS rebates with accurate match-up to specific vehicles or customers. Pull in information from customer records in VinSolutions CRM, including vehicles of interest, trade-in details, customized sales proposals, follow-up history, and more.

Get the Full Profitability Picture

See more manufacturer-incentivized rates, or stand-alone programs, helping you optimize front- and back-end profits with Rates & Residuals. The tool enables you to leverage the power of Dealertrack data inside VinSolutions Desking automotive desking tools to create deals more efficiently and effectively. With the ability to see current manufacturer incentives and bank rates directly within VinSolutions Desking, dealers can confidently put together deals for customers that are both accurate and profitable.


Simplify Processes

Push to a certified DMS in real time, and create worksheets for loan, lease and payment scenarios with precise calculations. Integrate with Dealertrack, RouteOne, and CUDL. Pull in credit reports and OFAC checks. Present proposals on any smart device without ever leaving your customers with QuickPencil, and easily deliver a copy via print or email with QuickPrint.

Improve Customer Experience

Our automotive desking software helps you identify the best terms and alternative deal structures for your customers based on their credit score, easily pulled in with Rates & Residuals. Tap into Dealertrack’s lender network data to structure deals for new and pre-owned vehicles. Show customers side-by-side comparisons of multiple pricing and proposals and vehicle options, including purchase, lease, cash, and balloon options.

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