Automotive MARKETING

Turn data into sales with Campaigns, TargetPro and TargetPro+

The Challenge

Capturing customer attention is a challenge. Generic – or worse, irrelevant – offers won’t cut through the clutter. Dealers must send customers customized, targeted messages. But finding the resources to create those messages presents a challenge of its own.

How We Solve It

VinSolutions’ suite of automotive marketing solutions, including Campaigns and TargetPro, empowers dealers with email marketing customization and segmentation tools to help increase marketing effectiveness and ROI.

Watch In Action

Learn how Dorschel Automotive Group in Rochester, NY achieved a significant increase in lead-to-sale conversion rates using TargetPro’s targeted auto digital marketing campaigns.

What Makes our automotive marketing services Different

Right offer, right customer, right time

Embrace the power of your own customer database with pre-set segments from Campaigns, data mining tools from TargetPro and flexible automation across the auto dealers marketing solution set.


Full CRM integration

Automatically align your digital marketing dealerships campaigns with your sales team’s tasks.

As much or as little support as you need

Create a schedule to send out marketing messages with Campaigns, customize email templates with TargetPro, or have a dedicated VinSolutions Campaign Manager fully run your campaigns through TargetPro+.

Product Features


Automate campaign segmentation

Use pre-set segments to find profitable customer groups, and schedule the right messages to be sent at the right time.

See what’s working

Track deliverability and performance for each car dealers marketing campaign on a single screen in the Campaigns dashboard.


Engage customers with customizable templates

Personalize email templates with custom photos, videos and links. Present offers based on buyers’ needs through email task, auto email and phone task.

Build campaigns around customer needs – and business needs

Control which customers receive marketing messages and when with powerful segmentation building tools from TargetPro. Improve both sales and service retention by identifying equity positions, service dates and variance from current payment to target and customize automated campaigns.


Add more support to your team

If your dealership doesn’t have a dedicated internet marketing department, shift your dealer marketing services work to a dedicated TargetPro+ campaign manager, who will create and send the monthly campaigns to profitable customer segments.

TargetPro+ Equity Mining is iMR Approved

GM added TargetPro/Pro+ to iMR and DTAP, which means GM dealers can be fully reimbursed for the insights of TargetPro and managed services of TargetPro+ digital marketing for car dealers.


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