The Challenge

Shoppers are spending more time online researching the cars they want to buy – and the dealership that has the right vehicle for them. But having the right car on the lot is not enough if customers don’t know it’s there.


How We Solve It

Our vehicle inventory management system, powered by HomeNet, is a GPS-based software that allows dealers to find and promote specific inventory that customers want and provides the information needed to create compelling listings. Enjoy added benefits like theft protection, lot management, and more.

Watch In Action

Work smarter, not harder, on dealership inventory management strategy with real-time CRM integrations across the Cox Automotive family of solutions

What Makes Us Different

Simple Merchandising

From one centralized automotive inventory management system location, distribute your inventory data and photos automatically to update sites.​
vehicle inventory management system

Consistent Consumer Experience

Your sales team will see the exact same inventory information your customer sees online with VinSolutions' dealer inventory solutions.​

Market Data from vAuto

Create a stocking strategy with integrated vAuto data that puts the right vehicles on your lot – all from your own customer base.

Product Features

vehicle inventory management system

Increase vehicle visibility

Increase consumer confidence with consistent and updated online listings.

Engage car shoppers

Differentiate your vehicle photos with engaging image overlays, which can be customized to include dealership branding, informative calls to action, eye catching graphics, and logos that speak directly to your customers.

Automate vehicle descriptions

Drive dealership visits with engaging, eye-catching content and option-specific used car descriptions.

Customize and print stickers on demand

Edit and print customized window labels and buyer’s guides whenever you need them.

Let us show you how to drive leads into your CRM through car inventory management.

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