Optimize CRM Utilization with a Proactive Partner


The Challenge

A CRM is only as good as its users. Dealers will only get out of the CRM what they put in, and it can be difficult to determine where the software is being under-utilized.


How We Solve It

Dealers who choose VinSolutions get the support of a VinSolutions Performance Manager – a dedicated advisor with real-world automotive retail experience. . A dealer’s Performance Manager, who fully understands common dealership issues, helps capitalize on CRM to improve performance and ensure success.


Watch In Action

Hear from Greg Jensen, COO of Kocourek Automotive Group, how his Performance Manager helped his dealership significantly increase service retention.

What Makes Us Different

Proactive Partnership

Make the most of CRM and get ahead. Performance Management is different than technical support. Rather than reactively troubleshooting issues, your dedicated Performance Manager proactively partners with you to identify key areas for improvement for your business based on your utilization and performance.


Regular Reviews

Receive weekly performance calls with your designated Performance Manager for the first month after install, with monthly recurring meetings after that to discuss usage and best practices to move the needle at your store. Continue learning with regular webinars and workshops focused on top utilization issues and best practices.

Industry Experience

Every Performance Manager is a car person. With their dealership experience, they are uniquely positioned to learn your business and help you improve overall performance to achieve your goals and ensure continued success.

Success Stories

A lot of times, you don’t know what you don’t know, and my Performance Manager is always there with solutions and options for us to make it work that fits our dealership. What truly makes VinSolutions special is that relationship I have with my Performance Manager.
We’ve been very fortunate that we’ve had the same Performance Manager the entire time we’ve been with VinSolutions. I think it says a lot about the company that there hasn’t been turnover in that position, and our Performance Manager has really been a partner to our company.



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