Most dealerships have the data they need to create a personalized, relevant customer experience. What many lack are the time and resources to aggregate that data across their multiple dealership tools. VinSolutions CRM integrates with other Cox Automotive software solutions and third-party partners to enable dealerships to turn data into insights, and insights into sales. What can CRM integration do for your dealership?

Explore VinSolutions’ Integrations By:

Sync customer and deal information between platforms

Dealertrack DMS

Consolidate data entry and improve the customer experience with an enhanced integration between Dealertrack DMS and VinSolutions CRM, and increase sales opportunities with a repair order alerts integration.  

Enhance showroom and remote shopping experiences

Accelerate My Deal

VinSolutions CRM’s seamless integrations with Accelerate My Deal give dealers and consumers a connected digital deal workflow they can use anytime, anywhere. Shopper activity from Accelerate My Deal is also captured in VinSolutions CRM, creating a “super record” with all deal submissions, revisions, and online activity—helping dealers stay in sync with customers and shorten transaction times.

Get leads sent directly to the CRM

Kelley Blue Book

With the integration between Kelley Blue Book and VinSolutions CRM, Instant Cash Offer leads are sent directly to the CRM, allowing you to save time and money by following up directly from tool. In addition, Kelley Blue Book data in VinSolutions Automotive Intelligence exposes valuable customer insights that help your sales staff identify new opportunities.

Create more customer-focused campaigns


With combined data from Autotrader and your DMS, you can automatically update vehicle ownership information in VinSolutions CRM, reducing irrelevant sales and service offers.

Match cars to customers


With combined view of customer data in VinSolutions CRM and live market data from vAuto's Provision, you can align your used car inventory with your customers' wish lists. Get real-time alerts when you're appraising a vehicle that's a match for someone in your database.

See the powers of integrations in action

We'll show you how CRM and other Cox Automotive solutions work.

Recommended Integrations

Match cars to customers


With combined view of customer data in VinSolutions CRM and live market data from vAuto's Provision, you can align your used car inventory with your customers' wish lists. Get real-time alerts when you're appraising a vehicle that's a match for someone in your database.

Recommended Integrations

Enhance showroom and remote shopping experiences Digital Retailing

With the integration between VinSolutions CRM and Digital Retailing, you can pick up every online deal right where the customer left off in the customer record or Desking. Streamline your deals with a seamless deal workflow that provides a single record of real-time shopper activity, automated shopper alerts, and a seamless data push from one system to the other.



Streamline workflows

to create a better, more efficient customer experience.


Reduce duplicate data entry

to improve your team’s productivity.


Get more value from your investment

with actionable insights aggregated across platforms.

3rd Party Integrations:

Extend the functionality of VinSolutions CRM with the vendors below. Click the company logo to learn more about their integration. If you are interested in becoming an integrated partner please visit our Developer Portal.

A2Z Sync

A2Z Sync - An intuitive software platform that optimizes time and efficiency within the desking and menu process in your store where 98% of transactions take place. Designed by automotive leaders at Schomp Automotive and customized to fit every Automotive Group.


AutoFi is an eCommerce platform and in-store transactional software product. It enables customers out of store to submit contact information, credit application and receive offers and exact payments on specific vehicles. In store transactional and desking solution. 

Autos On Video allows users to take pictures and videos of new or used cars, which they can edit directly in the app. This innovative technology also will enable dealerships to interact directly with customers, show real evidence of the vehicles they offer, and document vehicle repairs.

automotiveMastermind's Market EyeQ is the industry’s first sales and marketing platform that gives you the power to identify, communicate and close every potential buyer in your market through behavior prediction analytics driven technology and marketing. Dealerships who use VinSolutions as their CRM can automatically sync all new notes from Market EyeQ to VinSolutions, streamlining their workflow and saving them time.

CallerCX powered by Proactive Dealer Solutions

CallerCX powered by Proactive Dealer Solutions integrates its call tracking and speech analytics tool with VinSolutions to push inbound and outbound calls into your CRM. The software uses AI-powered machine learning to breakdown the call and provide actionable insight to our dealership users that would improve CRM utilization. For each call that comes into the dealership, the software utilizes AI to classify the call (i.e. sales, service, parts, finance, etc.), transcribe the call, summarize the call and score the lead, as well as provide 100+ data points on what occured on the call.

CallDrip instantly converts your leads into phone conversations. They get consultants on the phone with your prospects in under a minute, building rapport and launching the sales process with momentum. With the integration between CallDrip and VinSolutions, all the information gathered on inbound and outbound calls will be available in your CRM, eliminating duplicate entries and stopping the clock. They’ve also integrated our Click-to-Call functionality to monitor ongoing conversations and update those leads in the CRM.


CallRevu helps thousands of automotive dealers in the U.S. and Canada cultivate the customers that make it into the showroom after having a great experience on the phone. By providing local and toll-free numbers to place on all ads, they track, listen, summarize, alert, and report on dealerships phone calls to monitor call performance. With the robust data they collect, they coach on how to enhance the caller’s experience and improve the bottom line of dealerships. CallRevu leverages the VinSolutions Call Tracking API and Click to Call functionality.

CallSource exists to help automotive brands and dealers improve performance on the phone. They help dealers by providing visibility into what is driving customers to call, text, chat, or click on your website. VinCS is the integrated CallSource solution for your inbound and outbound call tracking, missed opportunities, result scoring, and enhanced reporting without ever leaving your dashboard.


CarWars is a comprehensive call tracking and phone handling solution that allows dealerships to gain visibility on phone calls, capture more leads, and improve the caller experience.

Client Command

Client Command is a data marketing company that offers dealers data-driven sales, service and vehicle acquisition solutions.


Conversica provides sales and service support for the retail automotive segment, and is used to interact with retail automotive end customers and prospects. Conversica's Intelligent Virtual Assistant will be integrated with the CRM to enable 2-way conversation with mutual dealer clients. The integration will be used to initiate IVA conversations, provide updates to the progress of conversations, obtain and/or synchronize relevant metadata to enrich conversations with mutual dealer clients, review history and outcomes, and report value to the retail automotive franchise.

DGA Auto provides outsourced omni-channel automotive BDC solution for sales and service departments. DGA's automotive BDC solutions include internet lead rapid response, inbound reservation center, and outbound lead generation. Our customizable outsourced solutions allow dealerships to scale on demand and increase revenue, while also protecting your bottom line

Edifice Automotive Marketing

Edifice Automotive is the auto-dealer marketing solution built by dealers, for dealers. Take the guesswork out of digital advertising by engaging the right people at the right time with our in-market database analytics, data compiling, and data administration system. From email to social media, Edifice influences and tracks active shoppers in your area to generate qualified traffic and increase your sales and service profits.

Floodgate Software

Floodgate Software solution Kneadl - Building tools to assist GMs in the day-to-day managment of their dealerships including but not limited to BDC services, lead & inventory management, and analytics.

Get The Referral makes getting customers to give you referrals easier thanks to its one-of-a-kind platform. They combine an integrated dashboard that manages your leads and communications, with an engaging, branded referral app that makes it easier for your customers to actively refer you, and be rewarded quickly for their effort.


Gubagoo Chatsmart is a powerful automotive messaging platform that helps dealers communicate with consumers. Connect easily through multiple channels, like Facebook, Apple, Google, and SMS. On your website, dynamic greeters personalize the conversation for each visitor. ChatSmart is proven to boost online lead conversion, while improving the customer experience. The integration with VINSolutions enables the Gubagoo system to post leads directly to VIN, and update those leads when there are additional customer conversations through the Gubagoo platform.


IntellaCar was created by a passionate team of automotive specialists with decades of experience — developing breakthrough OEM and dealership solutions that deliver powerful results.

IntellaCar is committed to helping dealers improve the customer experience that drives sales.

TotalCX is a comprehensive approach to customer experience management and combines automation, AI technology, ongoing training (SenseiCX), real-time assessments, and staff augmentation (GuardianCX). Including the company’s award-winning Hosted PBX, enabling organizations to scale more easily and collaborate more effectively. Our exclusive technology captures and analyzes voice and text communications in real-time, automatically alerting stakeholders to accelerate decision-making that improves customer experience and business results and seamlessly integrates with VinSolutions.

Matador is a customer engagement platform that will help you sell more by facilitating meaningful conversations with your customers.Matador lets dealers increase engagement and responses rates by leveraging automated follow up sequences that you can personalized per lead source. The CRM integration allows you to keep visibility over the customer interactions Matador generates on your behalf. Those responses are now displayed as a note on the existing opportunity.

Meera automates and humanizes 1:1 conversations at scale so you improve your marketing, increase your sales, and better serve your customers.


Outsell offers the only Virtual Customer Engagement platform for the automotive industry, creating an individualized consumer experience through AI-driven marketing automation that drives increased profits across sales and service. Its proprietary technology harnesses massive amounts of data creating accurate and powerful consumer profiles that engage customers and prospects exactly where they are in their individual lifecycles. That’s why Outsell is the trusted platform for over 1,500 dealers representing all major automotive brands.

PDM Datalock is a business that offers full-service document management, as well as information workflow systems. This means that once your documents are uploaded into our cloud-based environment, they have taken the first step into a process where that data starts working for you.


Prodigy is a leading digital retail company working with some of the largest and most sophisticated dealerships in the country to bring sales efficiency to their dealership. We’re based out of San Francisco and backed by some of the best tech investors in Silicon Valley such as 8VC and Battery Ventures.

Pulsar, a subsidiary of Spinar, uses machine learning to analyze customer/dealer conversation history (email, chat, SMS) to come up with the best conversation flows and calls to action that result in the successful conversion of leads to an appointment and/or a sale.

Purple Cloud is the world's first communication platform designed specifically to enable the staff of brick-and-mortar stores to communicate directly with potential customers online as soon as they begin their product research and before they are enticed by online competitors. Purple Cloud makes direct store to customer communication easy. The Purple Cloud platform empowers Salespeople and their customers to establish a trusting relationship in advance of a high-consideration purchase.

Quickpage, leveraging the Lead Management API plan with VinSolutions Quickpage creates a unique buying experience unlike any other video email tool that will instantly set you apart from your competitors. In today's digital retailing landscape, video is a must and Quickpage makes it easy for your team to record, send and track video messages to leads and customers.


In 2017, Quotible was founded by 17-year Las Vegas local automotive retail veteran, Wesley Gregg, and Nick Kaptain to help automotive dealerships streamline their lead response process.


Roadster's mission is to make the process of car buying and selling better for everyone involved. They do it by offering Omnichannel Commerce solutions, which deliver the same seamless and streamlined shopping experience as customers switch between a dealer website and store. By partnering with VinSolutions to directly post lead and event updates to the dealer partners’ CRMs, the burden of duplicate leads is eliminated.


SnapCell is a video marketing company providing video apps for iOS (Apple) and Android devices. They have designed a video marketing solution specifically for the automotive industry. Based out of Fort Lauderdale FL, they offer the best automotive video solution for sales and service in the market.

Strolid - is an automotive process improvement company offering fully managed, multi-channel communications services for both franchise and independent dealers. Strolid Connect. Enhances integrations between Strolid’s communication platform and VinSolutions CRM. The current integration allows for the generation of general note records on leads within VinSolutions CRM.


Tagrail - Delivering a great experience is hard work. TAGRAIL makes it possible by systematically engaging everyone: your customers, your frontline, and your leadership. With a seamless API integration with Vinsolutions all the information captured in the platform will be available in your CRM. No more duplicate entries.

TruVideo is the trusted video and texting platform that increases revenue. Providing customer communication, video services and analytical data for the dealer.


Tekion Automotive Retail Cloud brings all core operations in one, seamless end-to-end platform - Variable Operations, Fixed Operations and Back Office. Our software is powered with the latest in Machine Learning and AI layered on an infrastructure built for your organization. Tekion integrates with the VinSolutions Lead APIs to pull leads from VinSolutions.

Volie - Aims to help dealerships supplement their BDC with call centers that run on Volie to provide 100% visibility to work alongside their agents on staff. We know that data is often transferred insecurely to 3rd party BDCs, which is why Volie creates the most seamless experience for your staff, the BDC you work with, and your customers

TruVideo is the trusted video and texting platform that increases revenue. Providing customer communication, video services and analytical data for the dealer.


Tekion Automotive Retail Cloud brings all core operations in one, seamless end-to-end platform - Variable Operations, Fixed Operations and Back Office. Our software is powered with the latest in Machine Learning and AI layered on an infrastructure built for your organization. Tekion integrates with the VinSolutions Lead APIs to pull leads from VinSolutions.