VinSolutions Client Workshop Comes to Atlanta
October 11
What are the most important key performance indicators for your dealership – and how can you improve them? Designed with managers in mind, this free workshop will teach you to monitor and improve specific KPIs to generate more revenue and deliver a better customer experience. This is a hands-on session where you will follow along in Connect CRM, so don’t forget your laptop or tablet!
Maximizing ROI with Automotive Marketing Platform 
VinSolutions Automotive Marketing Platform lets you engage customers with personalized, relevant marketing and target the customers who are most likely to buy – before they even submit a lead. Learn how successful dealers use Automotive Marketing Platform to boost sales and maximize ROI in this live webinar.
Connecting Service and Sales: Maximizing Xtime and VinSolutions Integrations
Combine the powers of VinSolutions and Xtime to acquire more inventory and create a better customer experience. Join our Xtime and Vin Performance Managers as they discuss how you can use these solutions to develop an effective plan for acquiring inventory,  set first service appointments at time of delivery, and adjust your CRM processes to create a better customer experience .
Uncovering Out-of-Sight Opportunities: How to Sell More Cars to Customers You Didn’t Know Existed
Your dealership is probably already doing a great job of connecting with internet, call-in and walk-in leads. But what if you could sell more cars to customers you didn’t even know existed? Tune in to watch Bryan Dahms and learn best practices for leveraging unsold and lost leads, tips for maximizing your service drive and how to utilize your sold customer database .
The Masterclass for Implementing a Digital Sales Experience 
Watch our recent webinar on demand and start driving digital transformation at your dealership. You’ll learn how to shift your digital-sales mindset and strategy, lay the foundation for digital-retailing success, and optimize your processes.
Right Leads, Right People, Better Results!
Understand ways to tailor your VinSolutions Connect CRM for better results utilizing specific processes customized by lead sources, inventory, or even to individual salespeople. Learn how to quickly determine what lead sources are providing the best ROI using our new drillable reporting! Discover how your CRM is more than an internet management tool and allows you to efficiently equity mine your service drive, run automatic situationally based campaigns, and easily monitor unsold showroom visit.
Inspect Reports, Leverage Coaching Dashboards -Sell More Cars!
Detailed reporting is key to improving sales performance. Learn how our latest VinSolutions tools--including the Salesperson Coaching Dashboard--can help managers and salespeople work together to review and find opportunities.
Automotive Marketing Platform (AMP): Reaching Today’s Buyers Through Intelligent Marketing
As more customers seek out personalized car buying experiences, strategic marketing—based on real consumer behaviors—can help you target customers and deliver the experience they expect.
Unlock Your Digital Retailing Leads with VinSolutions & Accelerate My Deal
Learn how you can leverage VinSolutions Connect CRM and Accelerate My Deal to be more proactive and close more digital retailing deals. In this webinar recording, Performance Managers from VinSolutions and explain how using the products together maximizes utility from Connect CRM and Accelerate My Deal. Join us to learn how to identify and know a digital retailing customer, and respond effectively to drive them down the sales funnel.


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