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Communicate with customers how they want.

The Challenge

9 out of 10 customers want to talk to businesses through messaging, but only 48% of businesses, including dealerships, are equipped to connect with customers through a message. This gap means many dealerships are missing out on customers to competitors who are able to cater to their shoppers communication preferences.

How We Solve It

Our CRM with automotive text messaging makes texting customers as easy as texting friends. VinSolutions Texting has full MMS messaging capabilities and a full conversation history stored right in the customer record in VinSolutions CRM, dealers can keep track of all customer communications in a single view.

Watch In Action

Watch the short video to learn more about the benefits of automotive text message marketing with VinSolutions Texting, including automatic opt-in language, the ability to send photos and videos, and integration with VinSolutions CRM that ensures a seamless shopping experience for each customer.

Success Stories

Product Features


Easily view full conversation histories

Quickly and efficiently catch up on all customer text communication across the dealership, including between multiple salespeople, with a comprehensive text conversation history stored in the customer record.

Send photos and videos via text

Give your customers the engaging, valuable information they are looking for with MMS capabilities, which enable you to text customers videos and photos directly from VinSolutions CRM and VinSolutions Mobile.


Respond to Facebook messages within the CRM

The integration between VinSolutions CRM and Messenger brings Facebook messages and data directly into your CRM for more streamlined customer communications, more efficient workflows, and improved reporting.

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