Insights that drive sales.

The Challenge

Today’s consumers spend the majority of their in-market time online. As shoppers browse, they leave behind valuable insights into their interests and intent. But without the right tools, dealers can’t easily see those insights and are likely missing out on sales opportunities.

How We Solve It

VinSolutions Automotive Intelligence enables dealerships to uncover more leads, accelerate the path to purchase, and improve the customer experience by leveraging Cox Automotive data insights to meet customers where they are in their car-buying journey—even before a lead is submitted.


With the help of VinSolutions VinSolutions CRM and VinSolutions Automotive Intelligence, Mile High Acura has been able to better manage tasks, analyze customer data, and capitalize on every sales opportunity.

What Makes Us Different

Unmatched Data Insights

VinSolutions Automotive Intelligence analyzes proprietary data across integrated Cox Automotive platforms, including, Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book, to deliver unmatched insights.


Partners in Performance

All VinSolutions users are paired with a Performance Manager, a dedicated advisor with real-world automotive retail experience who will help you best use VinSolutions Automotive Intelligence and be a partner in your dealership’s success.

High-Quality Opportunities

VinSolutions Automotive Intelligence uses consumer data from across Cox Automotive to identify when a dealership’s customers are ready to buy. Consumers classified as “ready to buy” by VinSolutions Automotive Intelligence were nine times more likely to make a purchase within 30 days than consumers with inconclusive Buying Signals.* 

*Source: VinSolutions Automotive Intelligence Data predictions for 30 days prior to purchase from September 2022 – March 2023. 

Product Features


Find better leads – and more of them

Engage with ready-to-buy customers – even before they submit a lead to you or your competition. The Buying Signals feature aggregates customers’ online browsing data and alerts you when they are showing signs they are ready to buy. 

Prioritize lead follow-up

Stop wasting time following up with disengaged customers. The Engagement Strength tool identifies the customers who are most engaged with your sales staff to help prioritize daily tasks and follow-ups.


Accelerate the path to purchase

Anticipate your customer’s next question. Customer Intelligence arms you with customer insights from thousands of third-party data sources and Buying Signals indicates likely vehicles of interest, enabling you to make relevant recommendations that lead customers to right car sooner.

Transform your data into a lead source

Generate leads from your data—without any manual mining. VinSolutions Automotive Intelligence automates lead creation and sales process assignment for customers who are actively shopping, ready to buy, or both. 


Save deals from going sour

Spot red flags before a deal is lost. The Sentiment Analysis tool analyzes customer emails and text messages to provide real-time feedback on how customers are feeling about their interaction with your dealership, so managers can step in to the right place at the right time.

Improve coaching to identify more opportunities

Drill down into data and find more sales opportunities. The Manager Dashboard and Coaching Dashboard serve up insights in an intuitive, drillable format that enables managers and staff to work together to find more opportunities. 


See how VinSolutions Automotive Intelligence can help your dealership uncover more leads, accelerate the path to purchase, and improve the customer experience.

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