Identify shoppers who are
15x more likely to buy.

Identify shoppers who are
15x more likely to buy.


Maximize your sales team’s efficiency with a CRM-integrated virtual assistant that connects with customers 24/7.

What's Your Challenge

Every car dealership is different, and that means every dealership has its own unique challenges. Select your biggest challenge to learn more about which tools and techniques can best help you solve for the obstacle getting between you and more sales.

  • My customer experience isn’t good.
  • My data is a mess.
  • My marketing is not delivering results.
  • My salespeople aren’t using our software.
  • My close rate is low.
  • My customers want flexibility.
  • My digital sales process isn’t working.
  • My lead volume is low.

My customer experience isn’t good.

A poor experience leads to poor results.

The impact of customer experience on dealership results can’t be overstated. Two-thirds of consumers say they would pay more for a great experience. And yet many dealerships are still falling short; only 36% of consumers are satisfied with their dealership.
Show me how to improve my customer experience

My data is a mess.

Bad data can cost you big.

Inaccurate data can cost companies 15% to 25% of revenue. When your CRM is littered with incomplete, duplicate, incorrect and out-of-date information, it creates a ripple effect throughout every part of your business.
Show me how to clean up my data

My marketing is not delivering results.

Irrelevant marketing drives customers away.

A one-size-fits-all mass marketing strategy won’t just waste time and resources; it can also leave a negative impression on your customers. Without the right tools and processes to identify the right offers to the right customers, you could be delivering irrelevant or duplicate marketing communications.
Show me how to improve my marketing ROI

My salespeople aren’t using our software.

Low software utilization means low ROI.

For software to boost results, people have to use it. While the average CRM pays back $8.71 for every dollar spent, your dealership won’t see good returns on your software investment if it is underutilized—or worse, not utilized at all. 
Show me how to improve my team’s software usage

My close rate is low.

Higher close rates open the door to higher profit.

When you invest a lot in capturing and following up on opportunities, a low close rate is frustrating—and costly. A few more sales per month could be the difference between success and struggle for your dealership. 
Show me how to close more deals

My customers want flexibility.

Consumers prefer a unique car-buying journey.

Consumers are doing more shopping online than ever, and they expect flexibility and control in the car buying process. Dealers who don't change their processes lose out on much more than they might think. 
Show me how to give customers flexibility

My digital sales process isn’t working.

Digital sales options are no longer optional.

64% of shoppers want to do more of the purchase steps online compared to the last time they purchased a vehicle. To compete in today’s market, your dealership must be able to facilitate a sale from anywhere, whether the customer prefers a traditional, digital, or hybrid buying experience. 
Show me how to implement digital sales.

My lead volume is low.

Poor lead capture limits opportunities from the start.

All sales start with a lead, but not all leads start with a submitted form. Without the right tools, you might be missing ready-to-buy leads in your data right now.
Show me how to increase lead volume

Real Stories with Real Results

Hear Connect dealers share their before-and-after experiences with VinSolutions auto dealers software.

Watch the videos below to hear how these Connect CRM users are using VinSolutions latest features and tools to solve their dealership’s biggest challenges, including managing their sales processes, improving their customer experience, and driving results for their business.  

Find Shoppers Sooner

Kevin Patterson

Vice President, Nourse Chillicothe Automall
Find Shoppers Sooner

Kevin Frye

Marketing Director, Jeff Wyler Automotive Family
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