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The Truth About Today's Shoppers:

41 %
of buyers are frustrated with the time it takes to complete a purchase.
Source: Cox Automotive, It's About Time
Connect CRM eliminates process inefficiencies and gives your team more time for personal interaction.
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46 %
of buyers will buy again if they like a dealership's sales and service experience.
Source: Autotrader, Decisions, Decisions: What Drives Shopping Choices for Vehicle Re-Purchasers?
Connect makes it easier to maintain long-lasting relationships with customers beyond the purchase, through service and all the way to repurchase.
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54 %
of buyers care about their shopping experience more than they care about the cost of the car.
Source: Cox Automotive, 2015 Car Buyer of the Future Study
Connect CRM empowers your sales staff to personalize the customer experience.
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Eliminate Inefficiency

One-of-a-kind integrations with industry leading automotive software help your team speed up processes and improve the customer experience. 

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Become Best-in-class

Our retail automotive industry experts give your team proactive support to implement best-practice methodologies and improve utilization and accountability.

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Real Stories with Real Results

Hear Connect dealers share their before-and-after experiences.

Greg Jensen
COO, Kocourek Automotive Group

“There's a number of different CRMs in the market. There's lots to choose from. But what stood VinSolutions apart, was the fact that they had a...”

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Chuck Olsen
Corporate Sales Manager, Boucher Automotive Group

“If you can't measure something you can't improve it, so whether it's unappointed showroom visits, leads without follow up, Vin allows us to improve...”

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Liza Borches
CEO and President, Carter Myers Automotive

“VinSolutions has helped us streamline our processes so that when we’re with a customer, we’re only having to input data into one place. It has...”

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Stay On Top

The latest resources to give you the competitive advantage.

Posted: 6/19/2018
Trust the Process: Improve Your CRM Processes for Long-Term Success

Dealers too need to recognize that process changes that may seem painful in the short term are critical to long-term success.To make the most of their CRM and drive success, dealers must not only trust their existing processes, but also recognize when it’s time to revisit those processes. Then they must fully commit to trusting those new processes. Learn how to improve your CRM processes for long-term success. 

Posted: 6/12/2018
The Proactive Approach to Inventory Management

In most dealerships, inventory management is a reactive process. Inventory becomes available, and dealers react by deciding whether that vehicle is a good choice for their lot. But with today’s shrinking margins and plateauing new car sales, today’s most successful dealers are leaving reactive inventory management behind. Learn how to take a PROactive approach at your dealership. 

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