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Mohawk Honda Drives Results
with VinSolutions Connect Automotive Intelligence
Sharon Leger & Teryn Rogers
Infiniti of Lafayette
Greg Johnson
Sales Manager, Mohawk Honda

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Dealership Case Study: Connect Automotive Intelligence Boosts Results
By Caroline Murray

With the help of VinSolutions Connect CRM, Mohawk Honda has been able to provide a positive, personalized buying experience for each customer, despite the challenges that come with a growing business and an abundance of customer data.

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What AI Really Means for Car Dealerships
By Chase Abbott

As customers complete more of their car buying journey online, the potential benefits of artificial intelligence to dealerships are significant. Learn how implementing the right AI solution can increase sales, boost productivity and improve the customer experience. 

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Are You Making a Common CRM Process Mistake?
By Mark Vickery

The CRM only works as well as the people using it. And to get your people to use the CRM, you have to implement the right processes that will allow them to do their best work. Every dealership is different, so every process should be different, but there are a couple of common mistakes we often see dealers make that are worth keeping in mind as you develop your processes.

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