My Lead Volume Is Low

Poor Lead Capture Limits Opportunities from the Start

Low Lead Quantity and Quality Cost Your Dealership

All sales start with a lead, but not all leads start with a submitted form. Without the right tools, you might be missing ready-to-buy opportunities in your data right now.  

Missed Sales

If you’re waiting for customers to fill out a form or call your store to consider them a lead, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities to the competition. 

Low Morale

Low lead volumes mean few opportunities for your salespeople to make a deal, which can lead to decreases in employee motivation and engagement. 

Misallocation of Resources

If you’re not capturing the highest quality leads and are instead focusing all your efforts on leads that aren’t likely to convert, valuable time is being wasted. 


Lost to Bad Leads for Two Salespeople

According to estimates from Autotrader, 200 bad leads per month for two salespeople can cost a dealership approximately $29,500 monthly.*

Recommended Solutions

With the right dealership software solutions to capture the best opportunities, you can increase lead quantity and quality.


Vinessa Virtual Assistant

Capture more opportunities, automatically.

Automate key sales tasks, including responding to customers, setting appointments, and scheduling follow-up tasks.

  • Keep customers engaged with automated real-time, two-way text and email communication.
  • Quickly and easily monitor the volume and status of leads that Vinessa has contributed to.

Automotive Intelligence

Find the customers who are ready to buy.

Find the right leads at the right time with advanced data insights aggregated by artificial intelligence.

  • Identify when customers are ready to buy with Buying Signals from consumer data.
  • Prioritize follow-ups with tools that identify customers who are most engaged.

Automotive Marketing Platform powered by VinSolutions

Uncover more leads with automated marketing.

Identify and target in-market customersbefore they submit a lead—and deliver personalized marketing experiences across the ownership lifecycle.

  • Boost engagement with automated marketing journeys built from customer data. 
  • Maximize your opportunities with the hands-on support of a Marketing Account Manager. 

Success Story: Motorcars Toyota

How This Dealerships Finds 600+ Leads a Month
This dealership uses Automotive Intelligence to gain insight into hundreds of additional customers per month.