Case Study

Serra Honda Grandville

Serra Honda Grandville built a successful dealership based on the fundamentals of good old-fashioned communication (like greeting every customer at the door) and working hard to develop and maintain healthy customer relationships. 

And while these fundamentals will always remain a priority, the dealership is also deeply committed to staying on the cutting edge, including efforts to improve with the help of new technologies. Serra Honda Grandville has used VinSolutions Connect CRM to boost employee performance and maintain a competitive edge. Specifically, Connect CRM has helped: 

  • Increase data collection and utilization, including customer driver’s license and email capture rates.  
  • Improve lead-to-appointment ratios. 
  • Incentivize employees to boost sales through the use of technology.  
  • Improve communication with customers.  

See how VinSolutions Connect CRM helped promote constant improvement and drive long-term success.