My Close Rate Is Low

Higher Close Rates Open the Door to Higher Profit

A few more sales per month could be the difference between success and struggle for your dealership.

When your dealership spends a lot of time, money, and effort on capturing and following up on opportunities, a low close rate is frustrating—and costly.

Lower Profitability

If you don’t make the sale, you don’t get the profits. And with today’s low margins and competitive market, you probably can’t afford to miss out.

Wasted Marketing Dollars

Marketing can only do so much. If your sales team isn’t equipped or trained to close deals effectively, your marketing spend won’t get you much.

Longer Purchase Process

While there are many opportunities you’ll never win, low close rates can also indicate a poor customer experience that drags out the purchase process.

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of time is spent on non-revenue generating tasks

On average, nearly two-thirds of a salesperson’s time is spent on non-revenue-generating activities, which could be hurting your close rates.*

Recommended Solutions

Data driven tools and artificial intelligence can give your dealership the insights you need to focus on the right customers and boost close rates.


Automotive Intelligence

Prioritize customers who are ready to buy.

Leverage insights aggregated from Cox Automotive data to identify the leads most likely to close.

  •  Identify when customers are ready to buy with Buying Signals from consumer data.
  • Prioritize follow-ups with tools that identify customers who are most engaged.


Make every connection count.

Streamline the car-buying process and deliver the shopping experience customers expect.

  • Manage leads effectively with flexible, customizable processes.
  • Find more opportunities with ongoing coaching and consultation from you dedicated Performance Manager. 

Vinessa Virtual Assistant

Help salespeople help customers with AI.

Assist customers more quickly and consistently with automated responses, appointment setting, and task scheduling.

  • Use Vinessa’s artificial intelligence and dealership data to automate responses to customer questions.
  • Meet customers where they are with a full readout of Vinessa’s communications in the CRM.


*Forbes Why Sales Reps Spend Less Than 36% Of Time Selling (And Less Than 18% In CRM)

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