My Marketing Is Not Delivering Results

The Wrong Marketing Drives Away Customers

41% of consumers have switched brands because of poor personalization

A one-size-fits-all mass marketing strategy won’t just waste time and resources; it can also leave a negative impression on your customers.

Wasted Dollars

Without the right tools and processes to identify the right offers to the right customers, you could be delivering irrelevant or duplicate marketing communications.

Misdirected Resources

A disjointed marketing plan can leave salespeople unprepared to follow up with the best leads in the best ways, wasting their valuable selling time.

Poor Customer Experience

The customer experience starts before customers walk through your doors. An irrelevant marketing experience can push them away.

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prefer personalization

Nine in 10 consumers prefer a unique, personalized car-buying journey.*

Recommended Solutions

With VinSolutions suite of sales and marketing solutions, you can personalize marketing and boost results.


Automotive Marketing Platform powered by VinSolutions

Engage customers with automated marketing.

Simplify processes, engage customers, and deliver personalized marketing experiences across the ownership lifecycle.

  • Boost engagement with automated marketing journeys built from customer data.
  • Maximize your marketing with the hands-on support of a Marketing Account Manager.

Automotive Intelligence

Find better leads sooner.

Follow up with the right customers at the right time with advanced data insights aggregated by artificial intelligence.

  • Identify when customers are ready to buy with Buying Signals from consumer data.
  •  Prioritize follow-ups with tools that identify customers who are most engaged.

Vinessa Virtual Assistant

Follow up with every lead efficiently.

Improve marketing ROI by assisting every lead quickly and consistently with automated responses, appointment setting, and task scheduling.

  • Use Vinessa’s artificial intelligence and dealership data to automate responses to customer questions. 
  • Meet customers where they are with a full readout of Vinessa’s communications in the CRM.

Eide Automotive Group

How Eide Automotive Group Simplified and Personalized Marketing
This dealership looked to Automotive Marketing Platform powered by VinSolutions to streamline their marketing efforts and reach customers with the right messages at the right time.