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Topic: Marketing — Make connections that count with these tips for effective dealership marketing, including best practices in email marketing, data mining

How Eide Automotive Group Simplified and Personalized Marketing
Case Study

With five stores and a large customer base, Eide Automotive Group found it difficult to deliver personalized, meaningful marketing messages at scale. The dealership looked to Automotive Marketing Platform powered by VinSolutions to streamline their marketing efforts and to reach customers with the right messages at the right time.

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3 Steps to Personalizing Your Digital Sales and Marketing
By Mo Zahabi

Your customers want a car buying journey that’s built around their individual interests. With the right technology, you can collect customer data, identify buying trends, and build a marketing plan that caters to your customers. Here’s more detail on these three important steps to personalizing your marketing efforts.

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Customer Insights from Artificial Intelligence
White Paper

Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence (AI), dealers can now use customer data to improve the car sales process. In this white paper, you’ll learn how AI can help your dealership personalize product offerings, uncover buying signals, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline the buying process. 

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Dealer Success Stories: Connect Texting

With nine out of 10 consumers interested in communicating with businesses via text messaging, many dealerships are using texts as a way to quickly and easily connect with customers. Learn more about these dealers’ success stories.

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Find More Opportunities from Facebook

Consumers increasingly expect to be able to communicate with businesses via messaging apps, particularly Facebook. I Luckily, there’s already a tool to help you manage these customer messaging—your CRM.

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Terrific Texting Tips for Car Dealers
By Mark Vickery

To get the most out of text marketing, your dealership’s strategy needs to be tailored according to customer preferences. If you really want texting to deliver on its promise to capture consumer attention, ask yourself these questions before pressing “send.”

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Technology and the Transformation of Retail
White Paper

As times, technologies and customers change, dealerships must adapt to shifts in customer buying behavior. Today’s customers want a more consultative relationship with their dealership, and one of the keys to providing this experience is leveraging advances in technology. See how artificial intelligence and automation can benefit your dealership.

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How to Find Hidden Deals with VinSolutions and Car Wars

Learn how to uncover more leads and close more deals by leveraging smart technology integrations and implementing a few best practices. Watch the webinar to see how your sales team can find deals hiding in plain sight at your dealership.

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