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Maximizing ROI with Automotive Marketing Platform 

Recorded Webinar

VinSolutions Automotive Marketing Platform lets you engage customers with personalized, relevant marketing and target the customers who are most likely to buy – before they even submit a lead.  

Learn how successful dealers use Automotive Marketing Platform to boost sales and maximize ROI in this live webinar.  

Learn How To:  

  • Maximize Results: Reach your customers through text, email outbound dialing & direct mail 
  • Master ROI Insights: Understand what’s working and where to invest.  
  • Ensure Accountability: Guide your team to convert leads into deals  
  • Strategize and Optimize: Tailor your campaigns to reach more in market shoppers 

Our expert panel includes diverse perspectives on Automotive Marketing Platform best practices and optimizations. We’ll offer two live broadcasts so you can pick the date and time that work best for you.  

Our Panelists  

Laura Beckley 

Lead Performance Manager, VinSolutions 

Dennis Gingrich 

Sales & Finance Director, The Niello Company 

Chief Operating Officer, AutoFiPro 

Mike Shean 

Director, 1-1 Marketing, VinSolutions