Overcome Staffing Challenges with Virtual Assistant Technology


From the uncertainty of the pandemic to today’s inventory shortages, recent industry challenges have made anticipating staffing needs incredibly difficult for dealers. As you search for the right staffing balance at your dealership, virtual assistant technology can help you bridge the gap and boost productivity, without sacrificing customer experience. 

Every Customer Counts  

More and more car buyers are using the internet to engage with dealerships. According to the 2020 Cox Automotive Covid-19 Consumer Impact Study, 64% of shoppers want to complete more of the purchase process online compared to the last time they purchased a vehicle.  

They use your website to search for cars and browse inventory. And when they’re ready, many of them want to initiate contact using digital tools—on their own timeline. In fact, a third of internet leads come in after hours, according to 2021 Cox Automotive Data Analysis. This trend is good for business, but hiring enough staff to sort through all these contacts is expensive. At the same time, you can’t afford to let any lead slip through the cracks. 

Virtual assistant technology uses CRM artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data provided by your dealership to answer customer questions about inventory availability, vehicle features, and more. It provides two-way communications in real-time via text and email, around the clock, to help guide customers along the buying journey. And, it always ensures that each customer receives the same personalized responses they’d get with a member of your staff. 

Time is Money 

Even when your dealership is fully staffed, having salespeople chase after bad leads is just bad business. For many dealerships, generating leads isn’t a major issue. It is qualifying leads and finding serious shoppers that presents a real challenge. When your team spends its time inefficiently following up with low-quality lead after low-quality lead, high-quality leads that are likely to convert are more easily missed. This process is expensive, inefficient, and costs your dealership profits.  

Virtual assistant technology like Vinessa™ Virtual Assistant maximizes dealership productivity by  engaging and qualifying customers using real-time automated responses. It integrates with your dealership’s CRM to capture all customer communications in one place. And, it provides qualified leads to salespeople by scheduling appointments and creating tasks in the CRM, so your team can focus on the customers closest to converting. 

Technology that Maximizes Your Team 

You can never replace the value that your people bring to your business, but you can use virtual assistant technology to bridge gaps and boost productivity in a cost-effective way, without sacrificing customer experience.  

Learn how Vinessa Virtual Assistant can boost productivity at your dealership today.

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