Find More Opportunities from Facebook

For many consumers, more and more of the car-buying experience is taking place online. In fact, two out of three shoppers are more likely to buy a vehicle 100% online than they were before the COVID-19 pandemic. But your customers’ online communications aren’t confined to digital channels owned by your dealership like your website and email.  

Consumers increasingly expect to be able to communicate with businesses via messaging apps, particularly Facebook. In fact, according to Facebook, 61% of messaging app users in the U.S. said they had messaged a business in the last three months.  

If your dealership isn’t equipped to respond to these messages quickly and efficiently, you’re likely giving many of your customers a disjointed car-shopping experience and missing out on a lot opportunity. More than 250 million people in North America actively use Facebook every month (67 percent of people use it daily). And more than 20 million people in the U.S. click on used vehicle listings in Facebook Marketplace every month.  

With these kinds of numbers, it makes sense to invest time and money into messaging. But without a consistent and reliable process to engage Facebook users, you could be missing out on potential lead opportunities. And you risk your customers becoming discouraged with a disjointed and haphazard car buying experience.  


Consolidated Customer Communications  

So, how do you leverage the immense potential of Facebook marketing while also managing the increased customer traffic? Salespeople do their best to manage leads on your dealership Facebook account. But the task of interacting with every customer and responding to every incoming inquiry can be a full-time task in and of itself. And it’s nearly impossible to keep track of each separate customer conversation and be fully aware of where each customer stands in their buying process.  

Luckily, there’s already a tool to help you manage these customer conversations and interactions—your CRM. By integrating your dealership’s Messenger conversations directly into your CRM, salespeople can communicate with customers much more efficiently. Your CRM already keeps track of every customer conversation, so it makes sense to manage a large potential source of sales leads like Facebook with your CRM too.  


The New Connect CRM and Facebook Integration 

The new integration between Connect CRM and Messenger gives your dealership the ability to reply to Facebook contacts directly through your CRM and attach conversations directly to customer records. This integrated customer communication provides many dealerships:  

  • A more seamless online-to-in-store shopping experience 
  • Improved communication efficiency  
  • Faster follow-up times with sales leads 
  • Enhanced CRM reporting  
  • More accurate social media marketing performance figures 


Facebook has a ton of potential as a sales lead generator. By integrating your CRM with Messenger and pulling in Facebook data as a source for existing lead reports, you can know exactly how much your efforts are netting your dealership. 

Your customers are already using Facebook. With the right tools, you can unlock its potential and make responding to your customers on Facebook more efficient and effective.  

Ready to reach more customers on Facebook? Learn more about the Connect CRM integration with Messenger here