How Dealerships Are Driving Results with VinSolutions

Every dealership’s challenges and opportunities are unique, and the way those challenges and opportunities are addressed should be unique too. Before you implement a new software solution, it can be helpful to understand how other dealerships have been using the tool. Dealers with VinSolutions Connect CRMConnect Automotive Intelligence and other supporting software solutions are using the tools to meet the needs of their staff, customers and business – but don’t take it from us.  

Watch the videos below to learn more about dealerships are using VinSolutions Connect CRM, Connect Automotive Intelligence and other VinSolutions tools to improve their business.  

Connect Automotive Intelligence 

“The specific business challenge that Connect Automotive Intelligence has helped us overcome is having more relevant conversations with our customers. It has really helped us zero in and go from 400 units a month to almost 600 every month.” 

— Andy Guelcher, General Manager at Mohawk Honda


Connect CRM 

“VinSolutions has helped us streamline our processes so that when we’re with a customer, we only have to input data into one place. It has allowed us to be more streamlined in the customer experience and limit the amount time they have to spend in our dealerships.” 

–Liza Borches, CEO and President of Carter Myers Automotive  



Connect Texting 

“We bolstered our Connect Texting in Connect CRM to include MMS, the ability to send videos and photos. We then rebuilt our processes. We cut our phone calls by 55% and replaced those with texting, and we included automated texts rather than automated emails. And as a result, our contact rate has skyrocketed.” 

— Kevin Frye, Marketing Director at Jeff Wyler Automotive Family  



Performance Management 

“Our Performance Manager is key to our success; he holds our feet to the fire. There are a number of different CRMs in the market, but what really sets VinSolutions Connect CRM apart is the fact that they have a Performance Manager who’s engaged, talented and really challenges us.”  

–Greg Jensen, COO at Kocourek Automotive Group 



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During a time when turnover is high and profit margins are slim, even the best sales managers can benefit from another line of defense. By embracing new ways to use data, sales managers can become more knowledgeable about the strengths and weaknesses of their team. They can foster new talent without making new hires by optimizing existing data, resulting in lower costs and higher profits for the dealership.