Integrations with Insight

Used car sales have increased for the past seven years, representing a significant profit opportunity for auto dealers amidst shrinking margins in new car sales. But many dealerships, lacking strong inventory management solutions, are losing money to high holding costs.


How We Solve It

The integration between VinSolutions CRM and vAuto Provision tools streamlines dealer inventory management with unmatched insight into vehicle demand and sourcing opportunities, helping dealers appraise cars competitively and turn vehicles quickly.


Watch In Action

Learn more about how the integration between CRM and vAuto Provision tools can help maximize dealer productivity and profitability in this short video.

What Makes Us Different

Integrations with Insight

As Cox Automotive sister companies, the integration between VinSolutions and vAuto is comprehensive, meaningful and actionable. Data is shared from your CRM into vAuto Provision to align customer information to inventory management.


Streamlined Workflow

With a single sign-on for CRM and vAuto Provision, you can quickly work between the two systems and eliminate double-entry of appraisal information.

Partners in Performance

Maximize your dealership’s utilization of the vAuto integration – and all other CRM features – with regular consultations with your Performance Manager, you get a dedicated advisor with automotive retail expertise and partner in your dealership’s success.

Product Features

Source from your service lane

Get real-time alerts when a vehicle you need comes through your dealer service lane, streamlining sourcing and reducing turn-around time.

Appraise with buyers in mind

Know if you have a buyer lined up for a vehicle before you buy it with views of customer wish lists alongside your appraisals.

Price based on customer demand

Maximize profitability for cars in your inventory with an instant view of customer leads in CRM.

Let us show you how you to streamline inventory management with VinSolutions CRM and vAuto Provision.

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