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KateLynn Bregar

KateLynn Bregar, Sales Manager and Internet Sales Director for Tynan’s Auto Group, shares how and why the family-owned dealership relies on VinSolutions CRM and Automotive Marketing Platform. KateLynn describes how VinSolutions outperforms rival CRMs and empowers the sales team to sell more cars and explains why she recommends VinSolutions to other dealerships.

Video Transcript:

My name is KateLynn Bregar. I am the internet director here at Tynan’s Nissan, Tynan’s pre-owned and Tynan’s Volkswagen.

I’ve been in the industry for about nine years, but I was actually raised in it. My stepdad was the GSM of my first location down in Pueblo, Colorado.

VinSolutions has given us a competitive advantage because they’ve figured out how to work with how Tynan’s works rather than Tynan’s having to figure out how to work with the CRM. And I’m sure all dealers can understand what I mean by that. 

Like I’ve mentioned before us having three stores, but technically only two inventories and only two CRMs hinders us. VinSolutions has found a way for us to be able to effectively report given that information. I’ve used several different CRMs and one of the things that have stood out and has been the most beneficial for Tynan’s is the customer organization.

We’re able to actually categorize our customers, we’re able to target them specifically on their needs and we’ll be able to follow their life cycle through, not just buying the car, but after that, once, you know, once they’re our service customers.

We’re in precedent times right now where everything is online, people primarily do not want to come into the dealership, they want to be emailed or texted or called.

And what VinSolutions offers is a diverse and kind of dynamic way of doing that through their text app, through their vehicle brochures. And they make, you know, being able to streamline that with some of our inventory management that we do with Cox Automotive allows us to be able to provide that information effectively and efficiently. 

VinSolutions helps our salespeople sell more cars by the automation with the customer base as well as the customized follow up to be able to tailor the customer to where they’re at in the sales funnel where it doesn’t inundate a bunch of tasks where it makes, it makes it challenging for the salesperson to get through their day. 

We want them to be able to come in and find the hot list. We want them to know what customers are ready to buy and the customers that are in their database or customers that actually want to be reached out to.

Through VinSolutions way of identifying where our customers are at in their life cycle.

We’re able to tailor our marketing to them, whether that’s our equity mining tool, whether it’s our service department, whether that’s different offers that we have going on, we can actually see and meet their needs based off of their interactions that Vin Solution is able to provide through their insights.

The primary reason I would recommend VinSolutions would be for the reporting aspect of it. It’s a no brainer. We’ve never really had the ability to have such accurate data until VinSolutions came in with the solution to be able to clean up our database. And in addition to that tailoring our campaigns to be able to actually meet the needs of our customers where they’re at in the sales funnel. Let’s be real. CRMs do basically the same thing. But what VinSolutions is able to do is customized to the Tynan’s way.

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KateLynn Bregar 

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