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Webinars, white papers, guides and more on achieving dealership success.

Meeting Demands in the Age of the Customer
By Mo Zahabi

One in three Americans would rather go to the DMV, do their taxes or sit in the middle airplane seat than go through the process of buying a car. In today's post-peak market, dealerships must adjust to the current business cycle: The Age of the Customer. Here’s a quick checklist to see if your dealership’s customer experience is up to the expectations of shoppers in the Age of the Customer.

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Photo Recap: VinSolutions at NADA 2020
By Caroline Murray

NADA 2020 was a record-breaking show, and every day was action-packed. The VinSolutions team met with dealerships from around the country to discuss how VinSolutions Connect CRM and Connect Automotive Intelligence can help turn data into insights, and insight into sales.

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Mohawk Honda
Case Study

Mohawk Honda has built a successful dealership over the past 100 years with the core philosophy of providing a great customer experience. But with business growth and the need to manage an abundance of customer data, providing a positive buying experience has understandably become more challenging.

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Learn all about business-to-consumer texting trends with this infographic.

Texting is the #1 channel for customer service preferred by customers in the United States. A technology solution that enables texting creates opportunities for better customer communication across your business.

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Are you asking the right questions about CRMs?

Before you choose a new CRM, consider some key criteria. If you’re in the market (or even thinking about being in the market) for a new dealership CRM, you know there are lots of factors to consider. 

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Hire Introverts to Increase Sales
By Mo Zahabi

I’ve never had the traits of an extrovert that so many dealers consider critical to sales success, and time and time again my approach was met with skepticism. And yet, in my time at dealerships, I was consistently one of the top performing salespeople. Many dealers are missing top talent by failing to look outside the box when hiring sales teams. 

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Technology and the Transformation of Retail
White Paper

As times, technologies and customers change, dealerships must adapt to shifts in customer buying behavior. Today’s customers want a more consultative relationship with their dealership, and one of the keys to providing this experience is leveraging advances in technology. See how artificial intelligence and automation can benefit your dealership.

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How to Find Hidden Deals with VinSolutions and Car Wars

Learn how to uncover more leads and close more deals by leveraging smart technology integrations and implementing a few best practices. Watch the webinar to see how your sales team can find deals hiding in plain sight at your dealership.

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