Use Insights to Reach Today’s Digital-Forward Car-Buyer 


The automotive industry has a data problem. Often, sales and service professionals have their work cut out for them untangling a web of customer lists, user info, and disconnected systems that limit their ability to make hardly any sense of your marketing efforts.  

Campaigns then become a “spray and pray” type effort where you’re sending anyone who’ll listen (or open an email) your best offer, regardless of what stage of the buying funnel they’re in. No shame; we’ve all been there. 

When you’re able to utilize the right data and glean insights at-a-glance, your sales and service staff are better able to overcome some of the most common challenges in retail automotive. When the team at Tynan’s Auto Group partnered with VinSolutions CRM and began using Automotive Marketing Platform to clean up their database, the results were measurable. And impressive.  

Accurate Data Leads to Pin-point Messaging 

When the Sales Manager and Internet Sales Director, KateLynn Bregar, partnered with VinSolutions CRM, she wasn’t new to the role. With over nine years of experience in retail automotive marketing, she knew just how important it was to overcome the deliverability challenges the auto group was facing.  

By working with her Marketing Account Manager at VinSolutions, Jamie Panton, they used Automotive Marketing Platform to narrow and target their audience.  They were able to resolve challenges with their database and marketing tactics that had negatively impacted their ability to email customers. The new, cleaner database helped the auto group develop campaigns that resonated with their local community in a way they had never been able to before. 


Smart data is just the beginning. With VinSolutions CRM and AMP, the team at Tynan’s Auto Group was able to cut through the noise and address their community with smart messaging that returned real results.

Learn how Tynan’s Auto Group utilized VinSolutions CRM and VinSolutions Automotive Marketing Platform to get the data and insights that made a difference.