The Challenge

Collecting sensitive customer information can be tricky. Without careful handling and upkeep of customer documents, dealers may put their customers’ security at risk. But when dealers leave their customers alone for too long to go use the back-office scanner or filing cabinet, efficiency plummets and customer satisfaction nosedives.

How We Solve It

Document Library diminishes the need for paper documents by allowing dealers to capture all critical customer documents, including driver’s licenses, consent forms and test drive agreements, with the camera of any mobile phone. Document Library then electronically files all documents into a centralized customer record on CRM – no paper needed.


Watch In Action

Hear Liza Borches, CEO and President of Carter Myers Automotive in Charlottesville, VA, explain how the streamlined dealership processes enabled by VinSolutions products have improved the customer experience.

Product Features

Find documents quickly

Don’t make your customers wait on you to dig their paperwork out of the file cabinet in the back office. Retrieve important customer documents with just a few clicks in Document Library’s centralized electronic file storage system.

Get a comprehensive view of your customers

See all the customer information you need in one view. Document Library automatically stores all customer documents captured inside the customer’s record on CRM.

Reduce security risks

Say goodbye to stray paperwork left on shared printers – and the security risks they bring when sensitive customer information is involved. Safeguard customer information and eliminate the need for physical storage of paperwork with Document Library’s fully digital document storage system.

Stay by your customer’s side

Skip the trips to the back-office scanner. With Document Library’s Driver’s License Scanner, you can stay by your customer’s side, and scan all the customer documents you need using the camera on your mobile phone.

See how you can maximize efficiency using Document Library.

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