Better Together: Cox Automotive Integrations

At Cox Automotive, we’re committed to our dealers’ success. 

A big part of that is helping you work smarter, not harder. VinSolutions CRM stands out by offering integrations with other industry-leading solutions from Cox Automotive. 

Today’s dealers are tired of dealing with duplicate data entry, delivering undesirable customer experiences and hitting inefficient road blocks in accessing their own data. As part of Cox Automotive, we work with our sister companies to create software solutions so you can work faster and more efficiently. 

  • Autotrader: Create more customer-focused campaigns
  • Add website activities to CRM records
  • Dealertrack: Get a win-win when you desk a deal
  • vAuto: Match cars to customers
  • Xtime: Stay connected through the ownership cycle

See the the power of integrations in action


Download the VinSolutions Integrations Guide

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