Serve Your Customers Better with a CRM that Works the Way You Work 

Everything hinges on delivering a better customer experience, especially in a competitive market. Your dealership may have amassed a huge customer database, developed key marketing messages and strategies, and hired the top professionals you could find. Yet, 88% of consumers say their experience matters as much as your products or services.  

Tynan’s Auto Group, based in Aurora, CO had worked hard to build a bigger customer database. But when engagement began to dwindle in their marketing campaigns, they knew they needed a flexible CRM partner who was willing to help them fine-tune the experience. 

“Let’s be real: CRMs do basically the same thing, but what VinSolutions is able to do is customize to the Tynan’s way.” – KateLynn Bregar, Sales Manager and Internet Sales Director, Tynan’s Auto Group 

Reach Your Database with VinSolutions CRM 

Tynan Auto Group’s Sales Manager, KateLynn Bregar, needed a partner who could help their team navigate the changes and challenges they faced. She sought not only robust CRM technology but deep automotive expertise to help the team develop more targeted campaigns. With VinSolutions CRM and Automotive Marketing Platform, Tynan’s Auto Group was able to better address their customers’ unique vehicle needs. Tynan’s Marketing Account Manager provided data-driven insights to guide the Tynan’s communication strategy.  

According to Bregar, it took VinSolutions’ collaboration to make that happen, “Let’s be real: CRMs do basically the same thing, but what VinSolutions is able to do is customize to the Tynan’s way.” 

The New Reality: A Diverse and Dynamic Approach to Sales and Service 

According to Bregar, one of the biggest shifts in recent years is the behavior of consumers who are either hesitant or unwilling to engage in person with the dealership. “People do not want to come into the dealership – they want to be emailed or texted or called,” explains Bregar. Knowing your customers’ specific preferences and being able to offer a more custom experience that addresses their vehicle and financing needs helps your sales and service professionals communicate more effectively. Rather than overcommunicating, VinSolutions helped her team send timely, targeted messages that addressed specific needs. “VinSolutions offers a diverse and dynamic way of doing that to provide information effectively and efficiently.” 


The customer’s expectations of the automotive experience may already be biased. The good news? This experience is on the upswing—69% of consumers have reported being highly satisfied with the overall vehicle shopping and buying process. Even better is the fact that partnering with the right CRM provider can help dealers deliver more targeted, timely messages that reach consumers and overcome common deliverability challenges.  

Learn how Tynan’s Auto Group fine-tuned the customer experience when they partnered with VinSolutions CRM by watching their story here


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