Managing Change with Smart Tools and an Expert Tech Partner

For more than a decade, Ken Nelson Auto Group, in Dixon, Illinois, has used VinSolutions Connect CRM to assist their sales team in finding new leads and connecting with customers. The auto dealer CRM has helped keep salespeople on top of tasks and enabled managers to improve their training. Most importantly, Connect CRM has evolved alongside the dealership, and with a Performance Management partner invested in their success, Ken Nelson Auto Group is maximizing its CRM investment to sell more cars.   

Evolving to Meet Every New Need 

As a dealership that relies on repeat and referral customers, Ken Nelson Auto Group uses Connect CRM as the central sales hub for their four separate buildings, giving salespeople a big-picture view of each customer. As times and salespeople change, Connect CRM has been a constant resource for customer information and provided a sense of continuity.  

At the same time, the dealership appreciates how Connect CRM has adapted to meet every new need, as sales trends and customer preferences evolve. The CRM’s robust reporting dashboards have been an especially helpful tool over the years, giving both brand-new employees and seasoned sales vets the same opportunity to be successful.  

Improving Performance with a Dedicated Partner  

To keep up with changes to technology and the ever-evolving sales landscape, Ken Nelson Auto Group partners with their VinSolutions Performance Manager to find new ways to leverage their auto dealership software.  

Through regular meetings, the auto group and their Performance Manager discuss new ways to monitor performance, measure productivity, and identify opportunities and areas for potential growth. Their Performance Manager solves problems, explains new features and, simply put, helps the dealership sell more cars. He has become an invaluable partner in their success, and the value he brings to the dealership is one of the main motivators for Ken Nelson Auto Group’s longstanding relationship with VinSolutions.  

A lot has changed since Ken Nelson Auto Group first signed on to Connect CRM in 2008, technology included. But with a CRM that has adapted with the dealership and a Performance Manager invested in their success, the auto group is moving into the future with Connect CRM (and a Performance Management partner) as an invaluable part of their business.  

To learn more about the partnership between Ken Nelson Auto Group and VinSolutions, check out the full case study.  

Case Study: Ken Nelson Auto Group

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