Give the People What They Want

As consumers continue to become more educated about their purchases, vehicles included, they also continue to become more aware of how they are being marketed to. Not just any email with their name in the greeting is going to grab their attention. To catch their eye, you have to give your customers and potential customers what they want.

That can often be easier said than done, so here are a few attributes the VinSolutions team has found customers are looking for to keep in mind for your next campaign.

With over 60% of consumers reading emails from franchise dealerships on their smartphones, it is critical that the emails you’re sending them can be easily read from any device. Many platforms, including TargetPro automatically do this for you with mobile-responsive templates.

Think about how many emails you as a consumer get per day. Now think about how many of those you want. The key to an effective email campaign is providing targeted content that your customers and potential customers will immediately know is relevant to them. One of our dealers has had great success running as many as 30 different targeted campaigns a month using our TargetPro tool: 30-40% open rates and opt-out rates less than half of 1%.

And we’re not talking first-name-in-the-greeting personalized. If you’re using a CRM, you have data on your customers, like the type of car they have and their equity, so use it! A truly personal subject line can shift a dead lead to an active prospect.

Something They Don’t Already Own 
This seems like a no-brainer, but think about how many digital ads you see for something you already bought. The tennis shoes have already been purchased – you don’t need to keep getting the emails reminding you how much you love them!

We hear from a lot of dealers that accessories are a good market for them and that campaigns built around accessories are often effective. But they won’t be if you’re trying to sell a customer an accessory they already bought last week. Tools like TargetPro track all customer purchases to ensure marketing campaigns are relevant to them.

For more information on effective marketing techniques and how TargetPro and TargetPro can help you implement them, download our full research report.

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