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Making the Most of Connect Mobile

If there is one thing that customers, salespeople and dealership management all have in common, it is that everyone wants a fast, efficient and hassle-free car buying process. No one benefits from inconvenience or inefficiency. But for a dealership to run like a well-oiled, car-selling machine, salespeople need to have the right tools for the job. And in today’s digital retail world, that means a mobile app that gives dealership staff the functionality of a desktop computer with all the conveniences of life on the go.

With brand-new features and an easier, more intuitive user experience, VinSolutions Connect Mobile app brings even more of the Connect CRM experience into the mobile application, and puts more sales activities directly into the hands of salespeople. Here are three new ways your sales team can make the most of Connect Mobile.

1. Monitor Lead Buckets

With the latest version of Connect Mobile, sales managers can use the app to set up multiple lead buckets, separating those interested in new versus used cars, for example. Having access to lead management through a convenient mobile app helps incentivize salespeople to monitor lead buckets more frequently. And it gives them the tools to react quickly to interested buyers, which is a good thing for both customers and sales.

2. Add New Co-Buyers

Connect Mobile includes a new feature that streamlines the process of adding a new co-buyer. Now, a salesperson can simply scan a customer’s driver’s license with their mobile device to add a co-buyer. Or, if both customers already exist in Connect CRM, a salesperson can simply link their accounts. It is a painless process that can be done from anywhere on the lot. And it’s another reason why the new Connect Mobile is enhancing workflow and giving dealership staff more options than ever before.

3. Get More Texting Options

Texting has become an important part of car sales. The new Connect Mobile gives your sales team even more texting features to keep in touch with customers and provide them with a better buying experience. Instead of manually searching for customer conversation histories, salespeople can now receive push notifications on their phones so they can access and reply to conversations directly from the lock screen. They can also view and complete text message tasks from a task list, and upload videos and photos directly from their phones.

With more than half of car buyers preferring dealership experience over low price, VinSolutions Connect Mobile app is giving dealers the tools to streamline car buying for salespeople and customers alike. Download the app  today to see how Connect Mobile’s new features and improved user experience can benefit your dealership.

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Mark Vickery

Senior Director, Performance Management

Mark joined VinSolutions in 2013 as Director of Performance Management, after serving as one of the early Performance Managers at sister company vAuto. Charged with implementing a true account management department, Mark has grown VinSolutions’ Performance Management department from approximately 30 people in 2013 to more than 80. Mark brings a strong background in the retail car business with a focus on customer retention and leading and establishing teams.

Connect with Mark Vickery on Linkedin or shoot them a note.

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