How Going Mobile Brings Speed to Your Sales Team

Speed has always been an important part of making car sales. To meet customers’ expectations – and to connect with them before they move on to a competitor – your sales team must be quick to respond to new leads and inquiries.  

In today’s age of selling at a social distance, speed is just as important as ever. But maintaining a speedy sales process without all your normal tools can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, all the tools you need can be found in something that is probably in the palm your hand right now: your phone. With today’s technology and mobile apps, your dealership staff can complete every step of the sales process right from their mobile devices.   

Here are a few ways a robust CRM mobile app like Connect Mobile can bring speed to your sales team.  


Quickly search for and see key customer information 

To minimize disruption to your business, your salespeople need the same access to information as if they were in the store. With a CRM mobile app, dealership staff can see all the customer info they would see in the CRM from a dealership desktop. (Just make sure your IP permissions are set up so that the system can be accessed remotely.)  

The Connect Mobile app also makes finding key customer info even faster with intuitive and efficient search functionality and push notifications about key events, such as new internet leads, a text reply or a sales rep change.  


Check to see what inventory is available for purchase 

With so many employees now working remotely and almost all vehicle browsing happening remotely, it is especially important that dealership staff are able to quickly find accurate information on vehicles. A good CRM mobile app allows salespeople to easily access with the latest vehicle information, including what is in stock, trim options, photos, and videos, that they can then quickly share with interested customers.  


Respond fast to new leads 

Customers always expect quick responses to questions, but responding quickly is even more important now that customers are spending more time at home with fewer distractions. A CRM mobile app enables sales staff to quickly respond to email, call and text leads through the CRM – giving customers the response speed they want and managers the means to hold staff accountable that they need. The ability to respond to customer emails and texts from anywhere will continue to be important to the sales process, now and in the future.  

As more businesses move to a more remote structure, one of the most important capabilities your dealership needs is for the sales team needs to be able to reach customers from outside the dealership. Ensure your team can reach your CRM and customer information away from the dealership, and encourage them to utilize the mobile CRM app to stay better connected to their leads and customers. 

For more information on the best ways to work with your customers in today’s environment, please contact your Performance Manager and visit the VinSolutions Business Continuity Tools & Resources hub.  


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