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Podcast: Adjusting CRM Processes to Improve Profitability

Most dealers today have a CRM, and most understand the important role a CRM can play in managing customer relationships well. But even with that understanding, many dealers have a “set it and forget it” approach to CRM processes; they establish processes when they implement a CRM and never adjust them again.

But adjusting CRM processes regularly is a great opportunity to improve efficiency, productivity and ROI. Your customers are always changing, your dealership is always changing, and, if you have a good CRM, it is always changing too. Your CRM processes should change with your business.

In this podcast featuring Mark Vickery, senior director of Performance Management for VinSolutions, you’ll learn key actions to take when revisiting your CRM processes. Mark covers the importance of good processes, how frequently to review your processes and how to spot red flags that your processes might be flawed. Listen and learn!

This podcast originally appeared on AutoSuccess.

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