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Nathan Dunham

Nathan Dunham, Sales Manager at Duvall Automotive Group’s shares his favorite features and benefits of VinSolutions CRM.

Testimonial Transcript:

Uh the features that I like best of in VinSolutions? Well, after today, honestly, the reporting tool, I’ll be digging more into that. That’s gonna be exciting. I like some of the social media features being able to track customers on Facebook uh and contact them that way. Um and just, you know, having a wide variety of tools at my disposal and not just one direct way to contact a customer.

 The benefits to me are, you know, being able to have that one centralized location of information for my sales people to go back on draw from and to have that data there to be able to improve our business.

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Nathan Dunham

Duvall Automotive Group’s Sales Manager shares his favorite features and benefits of VinSolutions CRM.
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