Automotive CRM Solutions

Not just Desking anymore.

  • Integrated rebates and incentives - real time integrated OEM rebates and incentives, both VIN and ZIP specific, updated in real time. Ability to pull current bank rates and shop banks against each other based on payment call and structure.
  • Full customer visibility - Have a full lifecycle for each customer, detailing their buying habits and history including front and back end spend. Whether you're a single point or multipoint store, you'll know who you're dealing with in real-time.
  • Customized forms and proposals - Professional pricing proposals at your fingertips; multi-scenario views, 3-squares, 4-squares and quick loan/lease structures. Customize your deal jackets so your forms are one click away, helping decrease your customers' time in the dealership and increasing their dealership experience.
  • DMS Integration - Full bi directional push pull with Major DMS's eliminates need for double entry of customers' information leading to a more streamlined process and in turn more satisfied customers.
  • Customized Sales Processes - VinSolutions offers the most in-depth and robust processes on the market. Our unique flexibility allows the dealership to create custom processes that are reflective of how their dealerships are run. With VinSolutions Process set you can start, switch or end a process based on how you do business along with new process sets that help identify profit leaks in a dealership making them easier to harness and filter into revenue streams.


VinSolutions incorporates unique sets of sales processes to handle the different types of customers that we encounter. Determining what type of customer we are dealing with is an important part of any good process. Whether it is a showroom, phone or Internet customer, VinSolutions can ensure the proper follow up is in place. Add to that our flexibility which we showcase by allowing you to choose when a process should end.


The ability to differentiate after the sale is just as important as before the sale. Keep your customers happy by ensuring they are getting the proper message based on their individual experience. VinSolutions can adjust the follow up for all sales types including; pending, new vs. used vs. CPO and lease vs. purchase. Included is our ability for term lease reminders to help the dealership recapture their customers more efficiently and enforcing the dealership's value to the customer.


Specialized sets of processes inside our system help the dealership find new revenue sources within their own data and automatically engage the customer. Are you following up with the customers you lost? With the average dealership closing only 12% of their leads, what happens the other 88% of the time? Shifting those leads to service for remarketing is a great strategy to generate revenue without buying more leads. VinSolutions allows you to use the data from your own service department to work for you by automating closed service RO follow ups that are true one to one value builders.

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