Calculate The Value Of Time Savings

If your dealership software systems aren’t fully integrated, you’re losing productivity, time and money. From time lost re-entering data into multiple software platforms to the opportunity cost of missed sales, most dealerships understand the value of a CRM that improves productivity. But just how significant could your savings be if you implemented a CRM with comprehensive integrations?

Input your dealership information into the calculator below to find out. With a few key dealership data points, you can begin to understand the true value of a CRM that works for you.


How many minutes do you spend working on an average deal? (Note: The average is 3 hours, or 180 minutes.)

On average, how many deals does your dealership make per month?

How much time per day does an average salesperson spend manually keying in customer data to process deals (i.e. entering info into desking software, DMS, service scheduling tool, etc.)?

What is the average annual pay of a good salesperson in your dealership?

What is the average gross profit per vehicle sold?

Projected Daily Gross Increase


Projected Wage Savings


0 more deals/day @ $2,200 average gross

Timeframe Minutes Saved Hours Saved Days Saved
Daily 0 0 0
Weekly 0 0 0
Monthly 0 0 0
Yearly 0 0 0

The calculations and results are based on user-provided input and dealerships averages. Individual results may vary.