The Challenge

The average car shopper spends 61% of their shopping time online, but many dealerships aren’t able to leverage the data trail customers leave behind while browsing their website – often making sales tactics less personal, profitable and effective.


How We Solve It

With VinLens, a integration built into CRM, dealers can track customers’ individual browsing data from their website and see what their customers are shopping for online – all in a single view in the CRM customer dashboard.


Watch In Action

Watch this short video on the integration between websites and VinSolutions CRM to learn how more about how VinLens can drive dealership success.

What Makes Us Different

History for All Customers

Using cookies and unique VinLens IDs, all customer browsing history is captured, even while customers are still anonymous. Once a customer self identifies by submitting a lead, all their previous browsing behavior is instantly tied to their customer record.


Integrations with Insight

As Cox Automotive sister companies, the integration between VinSolutions and provides comprehensive, meaningful and actionable information. Data is shared from your website and populated automatically into CRM.

Partners in Performance

Maximize your dealership’s utilization of VinLens – and all other CRM features – with regular consultations with your Performance Manager, a dedicated advisor with automotive retail expertise and partner in your dealership’s success.

Product Features

Identify more sales opportunities.

Find specific, in-the-moment sales opportunities with real-time alerts in CRM on known customers’ website activity, such as the cars and offers they are browsing.

Anticipate customer needs.

Understand customer interests and tailor follow-up accordingly with detailed records of all customer browsing behavior, including date, time and frequency of website visits.

See full browsing histories.

Understand a customer’s entire car-shopping journey with anonymous historical customer browsing data automatically tied to a customer record upon the shopper’s self-identification.

Let us show you how you to find more opportunities in your website data.

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