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CRM Integration With Insight

Most dealerships have the data they need to create a personalized, relevant customer experience. What many lack are the time and resources to aggregate that data across their multiple dealership tools. Connect CRM integrates with other Cox Automotive software solutions and third-party partners to enable dealerships to turn data into insights, and insights into sales. What can CRM integration do for your dealership?

Explore VinSolutions' Integrations By:

Dealertrack DMS
Dealertrack DMS
Sync customer and deal information between platforms

Consolidate data entry and improve the customer experience with an enhanced integration between Dealertrack DMS and Connect CRM, and increase sales opportunities with a repair order alerts integration.  

Digital Retailing Digital Retailing
Enhance showroom and remote shopping experiences

With the integration between Connect CRM and Digital Retailing, you can pick up every online deal right where the customer left off in the customer record or Connect Desking. Streamline your deals with a seamless deal workflow that provides a single record of real-time shopper activity, automated shopper alerts, and a seamless data push from one system to the other.

Kelly Blue Book
Kelly Blue Book
Get leads sent directly to the CRM

With the integration between Kelley Blue Book and Connect CRM, Instant Cash Offer leads are sent directly to the CRM, allowing you to save time and money by following up directly from tool. In addition, Kelley Blue Book data in Connect Automotive Intelligence exposes valuable customer insights that help your sales staff identify new opportunities.

Create more customer-focused campaigns
With combined data from Autotrader and your DMS, you can automatically update vehicle ownership information in Connect CRM, reducing irrelevant sales and service offers.
Add website activities to CRM records

If you’re a website user, you can use VinLens (part of Connect CRM) to track digital leads from their first visit to your site to the day they sign for a vehicle — making your customer records more robust and communications more relevant.

Dealertrack F&I
Get a win-win when you desk a deal

Connect CRM integrates with Dealertrack to make all aspects of deal-making more beneficial to you and your customers. Through Connect CRM’s Rates & Residuals portal, you get automatic updates of customer records from Connect as well as our vast lender data to identify the top available programs that meet a customer’s unique needs. You avoid duplicate data entry and customer dissatisfaction. They get better deals in less time.

Stay connected through the ownership cycle

Xtime's cloud-based service platform integrates with Connect CRM to identify hidden sales opportunities in your service drive. Get real-time alerts based on equity estimates and service history when sales-ready prospects set or arrive for appointments.

Match cars to customers

With combined view of customer data in Connect CRM and live market data from vAuto's Provision, you can align your used car inventory with your customers' wish lists. Get real-time alerts when you're appraising a vehicle that's a match for someone in your database.

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Why Integrate With VinSolutions?

Streamline workflows

to create a better, more efficient customer experience.

Reduce duplicate data entry

to improve your team's productivity.

Get more value from your investment

with actionable insights aggregated across platforms.

3rd Party Integrations:

Extend the functionality of Connect CRM with the vendors below. Click the company logo to learn more about their integration.

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