The Dealer’s Guide to Implementing a Digital Sales Experience


Your Playbook for Navigating the New Reality


“How do I implement an entirely digital car buying process?” That’s the million-dollar question for dealers right now. When you’re done with this guide, you’ll have the answers. 

We tapped into our network of industry experts to give dealer leadership teams a strong foundation for the future. Here’s a breakdown of each section within the guide: 

  • Section I: The New Reality 
  • Shift your mindset and adapt to the digital sales model  
  • Section II: The Playbook
  • Lay the foundation for success
  • Become more efficient and effective
  • Measure what matters
  • Brand it and expand it 
  • Section III: The Workbook
  • Execute the game plan with instructions and examples


Want to share one section of the guide with coworkers? You can download The New Reality, The Playbook, and The Workbook separately.  


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