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Case Study

Ron Marhofer Auto Group

A better customer experience and more sales with VinSolutions Connect CRM.

The dealership management team at Ron Marhofer knew the sales group needed a more streamlined online-to-in-store process to deliver the best dealership experience to customers. At the same time, they needed better CRM software data to drive sales coaching opportunities and a clearer understanding of the dealership’s customers. With these must-haves in mind, the dealer group turned to VinSolutions Connect CRM. Upon implementing VinSolutions' CRM, the dealer group gained access to:

  • A high degree of sales workflow customization and data reporting. 

  • Real-time integration with other Cox Automotive software solutions.

  • An intuitive lead management platform that is easy to use.

  • Proactive management support from dedicated Performance Managers. 

Learn how VinSolutions Connect CRM elevated the customer experience and helped drive leads and sales

Download the Case Study - Complete the form below to learn how the Ron Marhofer Auto Group streamlines the buying process with Connect CRM.

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Complete the form below to learn how the Ron Marhofer Auto Group streamlines the buying process with Connect CRM.

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