Use Data and Insights to Deliver More Personalization to Your Shoppers  

When you stitch together technology, you don’t get the complete consumer view nor the data you need to win in today’s market.  You need a solution that enables you to create next-level consumer experiences and elevate profits with efficiencies across all departments. VinSolutions is part of a powerful set of solutions from Cox Automotive that helps sales, marketing, service, and operations at your dealership stay in sync. Here is a preview of some of the capabilities to make sure you win in today’s market. 

Capitalize on Your Data  

With proprietary technology that incorporates first-party Cox Automotive behavioral data from Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book, and, you can identify shoppers who are 15 times more likely to buy.* With VinSolutions, you’ll know each shopper’s next move before they make it — so you can guide each person through their personalized buying journey. 

VinSolutions digital sales tools, including Connect CRM and Connect Automotive Intelligence, enable you to capitalize on your data and find in-market shoppers with real-time insights before they submit a lead. You can meet consumers where they are in their car-buying journey, accelerate the path to purchase, and improve the shopper experience.   

Personalize Every Consumer Interaction 

74% of consumers say that a personalized experience at dealership is important.** With actionable consumer insights from VinSolutions, including the make and model of interest, you can deliver a personalized experience to every shopper.  This actionable consumer data gives you an in-depth understanding of your shoppers’ interests and intents, so you can personalize the sales process and accelerate the path to purchase.  

Automotive Marketing Platform powered by VinSolutions, which integrates with Connect CRM, uses advanced data insights so you can send 1:1 marketing messages to engage shoppers better and deliver personalized marketing experiences at scale. 

Streamline the Buying Process for Shoppers  

In the end, isn’t it all about a streamlined, convenient, and flexible buying process for shoppers? Vinessa Virtual Assistant helps you respond to shopper questions 24/7 and capture after-hours internet leads. Vinessa can automate key sales tasks, including responding to consumers via text and email, setting appointments, and scheduling follow-up tasks. At the same time, salespeople can focus their energy on ready-to-buy shoppers. 

Creating a connected, cohesive car-buying experience is essential, whether shoppers are finalizing the deal in-store, online, or some combination. But many shoppers are forced to restart their deal-making process every time they interact with the dealership. Connect Desking streamlines the buying process through integration with Cox Automotive Digital Retailing solution Accelerate My Deal, which brings online deal information directly into the CRM so you can always pick up where you left off.  

*VinSolutions Connect Automotive Intelligence Data predictions for 30 days prior to purchase in Aug 2020–Feb 2021 

**2019 VinSolutions Technology & Transformation of Retail Study