Training Your Team: Use Technology and Meet New Digital Demands

The road to the sale is changing. With a few clicks on the computer or a few taps of a smartphone, today’s customers can speed through the car-buying process using new digital tools and technology. In fact, 76% of shoppers are open to the idea of buying a vehicle completely online. As the road to the sale takes a turn toward technology, it’s important for dealers to shift gears and start training their teams to drive efficient digital processes.  

Train Your Team  

Training (or retraining) your employees on your auto dealership software is the first critical step to success in the new digital sales environment. Start by introducing your team to new talk tracks and vendor training resources that have a digital-first mindset that aligns with your new processes. This can help keep your employees’ focus on leveraging technology to keep new customer demands top of mind. 

As you train your team, remember to provide positive feedback and focus on what’s working well. Show them how insights from your dealer CRMdesking and virtual assistant tools are moving sales along more quickly and boosting profitability. As always, ask employees for feedback on new digital selling processes. This helps employees feel more invested and gives management an opportunity to improve processes on the fly. 

Evaluate Your Technology  

If your software training isn’t going as expected, take a moment to ask whether your current automotive CRM software is a good fit for your new digital selling process. Evaluate whether your CRM integrates with key dealership tools and customer communications channels. Make sure it gives your team a full picture of your customers in the customer record, including buying signal insights and web browsing behavior.  

If your processes aren’t flexible enough to facilitate digital sales, new technology may be able to help you and your team give your customers the kind of modern car buying experience they expect. A quick tech check can help you shift gears and overcome many of the obstacles on the new road to the sale.  

If you’re ready to meet your customers on the new road to the sale, but you don’t know where to start or how to drive customers to your dealership, check out our free eBook below: The Ultimate Guide to Modern Sales Training: How to Train Your Dealership on Digital Processes.