Training Your Team: Take the Lead in Digital Sales

As more customers shop for cars online, today’s automotive CRM software and artificial intelligence technologies can help you collect a wealth of information about each shopper. But how do you train your team to separate the serious buyers from the passive browsers? With a little training, your dealership can separate itself from increasing competition for online customers.  

Take the Lead  

One of the biggest benefits of the new shift toward online car shopping (a shift that’s here to stay, by the way) is that customers leave clues about their buying interests and intent for savvy dealers to pick up on. With the right automotive marketing and CRM technology, your sales team can identify where each online shopper is in the buying cycle and which customers are most likely to buy.  

This information is extremely valuable for any sales team trying to improve efficiency and focus on the leads that matter most. And although today’s CRM and artificial intelligence technologies are intuitive and user friendly, digital sales is a new animal altogether for many dealerships. You can’t just assume your sales team will automatically know which leads to focus on first.  

Success Is Insight  

Train your team to refer to the customer record in your dealer CRM often, where they can find each customer’s status, as well as the following key insights that can help them prioritize online leads:  

  • Buying signals: Generated by artificial intelligence, buying signals can tell your team when customers are ready to buy, what make and model they’re most likely to purchase, and what their true price range is.   
  • Virtual assistant communication history: Make sure your salespeople know how to access the information shared by customers with your virtual assistant tool to customer tailor communications.   
  • Automated marketing engagement history: Train your team to look at the automated marketing emails each customer has engaged with to determine exact customer interests.  
  • Automated shopper alerts: Show your sales team how to receive alerts when one of their customers is on your website. That’s always a good time to reach out.   

When your sales team knows how to use your technology to access key insights about your customers, knowing which ones are most likely to close becomes as plain as the information in your CRM. Give them the tools to succeed, and your team can help your dealership reach new sales heights in a new age of online sales.  

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