Improve Sales and Service Performance with VinSolutions CRM 

The right CRM partner should make life easier on your sales team. If you’re not moving more vehicles and reaching the right buyers, it may be time to reevaluate your partnership. When Tynan’s Auto Group, in Aurora, CO, partnered with VinSolutions CRM and VinSolutions Automotive Marketing Platform (AMP), they were quick to notice the workload shift from busywork to an increase in both sales and repair orders for the group. Here’s how VinSolutions CRM and VinSolutions AMP made life easier for the staff at Tynan’s Auto Group. 

Straight-forward vs. Task-overload 

According to recent research, most automotive salespeople only stay at their job between one and two years. Super-fast turnover can become an issue for both service managers and sales managers trying to get teams up-to-speed on marketing initiatives as well as appointment-setting and basic technology training.  

For Tynan’s Auto Group, working with VinSolutions CRM help to streamline the workflows for their employees, keeping task-management to a more reasonable, straight-forward level. “VinSolutions helps our salespeople sell more cars via the automation with the customer base as well as the customized follow-up to be able to tailor the customer to where they’re at in the sales funnel,” explained KateLynn Bregar, Sales Manager and Internet Sales Director.  

By not overwhelming the professionals working on lead follow-up and outreach, VinSolutions CRM better prioritized their workload. The result was a whopping 36% boost in year-over-year vehicle sales. On the service side, they saw a 50% jump in repair orders.* Read the Tynan’s case study.  

Let Automation Take on the Busywork 

When it comes right down to it, your employees may become less engaged and less satisfied with their job roles when burdened with too much busywork. The key is focusing salespeople on personal outreach to in-market customers while automating outreach to former and prospective customers.  

Fortunately, when Tynan’s Auto Group partnered with VinSolutions Automotive Marketing Platform, they utilized Automated targeting and outreach to remove some of the workload from the sales team. “It doesn’t inundate the salesperson with a ton of tasks that make it challenging to get through their day,” explained Bregar.  “We want them to come in and find the “hot list” – we want them to know their customers are ready to buy and the customers that are in their database are customers that actually want to be reached out to.” 


According to the 2023 State of Automotive Hiring Report, sales professionals felt most loyal to their dealership when their work was considered fulfilling. (And this goes above and beyond salary.)

The right CRM partner can deliver a better experience for your staff. It can help them systematically sell more cars while reducing the tedious work that often leads to turnover and a poor experience for your customers.

Learn how VinSolutions CRM and VinSolutions Automotive Marketing Platform made life easier for the sales and service staff at Tynan’s Auto Group. 


* Based on the experiences of one dealership, Tynan’s Auto Group, Automotive Marketing Platform data showed a year over year improvement in these key performance indicators when comparing Q4 2022 (Oct. 1–Dec. 31) and Q4 2023 (Oct. 1–Dec. 31).