How Data Converts into Customers

The team at Mile High Acura, in Denver, Colorado, likes to stay busy. Managers hold each salesperson accountable, and each team member takes pride in working hard to pursue new sales leads. The dealership also places a high priority on working smarter by leveraging customer data to find new opportunities. With the help of VinSolutions Connect CRM and Connect Automotive Intelligence, working harder and smarter has never been easier.  

Customization and Reporting  

Connect CRM helps Mile High Acura effectively manage its people and processes. The dealership appreciates the ability to customize their auto dealer match customer buying preferences and their sales team’s priorities. And the CRM’s reporting feature shows managers which salespeople are talking to which customers, and which leads may or may not be progressing.  


Mile High Acura also uses Connect CRM with Connect Automotive Intelligence to uncover insights about each customer’s interests and buying intent. Working together, these technologies allow salespeople to pursue leads with confidence, knowing that they can reach out with a personalized offer based on the customer’s interests. When salespeople know that a customer is close to buying, it also provides a little extra motivation to make a call or follow up with a customer. 

Improving Performance Manager 

VinSolutions Performance Managers Even if pursuing new leads is a full-time job, the team members at Mile High Acura always take the time to consult with their VinSolutions Performance Manager. Through regular meetings with their Performance Managers, the Mile High Acura team learns new ways to leverage VinSolutions tools to find new opportunities and make improvements to their business. Their Performance Manager provides a fresh, outside perspective that keeps the people on the inside of the dealership working to improve.  

Connect CRM with Connect Automotive Intelligence ensures that every team member’s work pays off in the form of finding new opportunities, closing new sales, discovering new ways to leverage technology, and forging ahead with new business growth. 

To learn more about how Mile High Acura is improving results with VinSolutions, check out the full case study. 

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