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Enable your team to optimize Connect CRM for sustained success.

With years of combined automotive experience, our industry-leading training consultants bring a high level of expertise in the CRM field. Below are ways the training department helps our clients connect with their customers to create more sales opportunities yielding higher profit returns.

eAcademy On Demand

eAcademy On Demand

Looking to get back to business or need a refresher on CRM basics? Register now for live and on-demand courses to get started.





Onsite Training & Consulting

One-On-One Training

Schedule a more personal one-on-one training request if one of the times in eAcademy doesn’t work for you or your team.



Onsite Training & Consulting

Quick Reference Guides

Download one of our quick start virtual handouts to learn the fundamentals and key application areas of our tool.







The eAcademy user list updates roughly every three hours, so when new users are added into Connect, there will be a three-hour delay before they can access training videos. Dealer reporting is now available on our new eAcademy platform. To enable Admin and Manager access level users, contact Customer Support. We recommend using the most updated version of Chrome to view and complete trainings in eAcademy.



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Creating Packets under forms will allow your team to quickly print out the paperwork for each type of deal.

Mobile App – Using the Scan Vin option to find vehicle information is faster than searching the inventory. 

Deal Tracker – Using Deal Tracker is a quick way to reference all Pending Finance deals.

New Opportunities Pie Chart is the quickest way to reference recent internet leads.

Hard push on the mobile app icon opens short cuts for quick access to scanning a vin number or adding a customer.

Mobile App: You do not have to be on a customer screen to scan the trade or vehicle of interest. Just scan the vehicle and the app will ask you which customer you want to attach the vehicle.

Vehicle of interest: Any shop bills can be seen from the vehicle information screen. This can build value in the vehicle the customer is interested in buying. This is especially true for certified vehicles that have big shop bills.

Right click “reload frame” (chrome) or “refresh” at bottom (i.e.) to refresh each individual side of the page.

Sorting leads by lead status on the leads page is a great way to look for opportunities.

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