Case Study: Why VinSolutions Is This Auto Group’s CRM of Choice

For dealerships, long-term success is all about finding sustainable competitive advantages. Sometimes those advantages come in the form of a unique business model, a favorable physical location, or an all-star salesperson. Other times, a technology tool or auto dealership software can provide a competitive advantage.  

But in order to work, that technology must have clear, sizable advantages of its own over the available alternatives. Tim Dahle Auto Group and its director of marketing, Mark Winters, have implemented VinSolutions Connect CRM and are leveraging its clear product differences to create competitive advantages of their own.  

Flexibility and Adaptability 

Tim Dahle Auto Group’s commitment to Connect CRM was born out of experience. As part of a larger technology consolidation initiative, the company moved several of its stores off of VinSolutions. But many internal users expressed frustration with the new platform. In particular, employees were frustrated with the new platform’s lack of customization and flexibility. Basic, important processes were difficult or impossible to complete, including creating and changing CRM processes, setting up email and text campaigns, and managing workflows.  

And so, the group re-implemented Connect CRM. Now back with VinSolutions, the dealership has complete control over the experience customers have after their initial contact. The dealer group can now administer its own workflows, create and change CRM processes, and set up text and email campaigns. The flexibility has provided important benefits to dealership employees and to the auto group’s many customers, who now enjoy a better customer experience.  

A CRM with Advantages 

Like all companies, Tim Dahle Auto Group will continue to look for competitive advantages wherever they can be found. For now, the group is happy to have found an auto dealer CRM that helps win deals through its differentiation.  

Download the full case study to learn more about how Tim Dahle Auto Group is driving success with Connect CRM with Connect Automotive Intelligence using its innovative, productivity-boosting features, including:  

  • Platform and process flexibility 
  • Customizable CRM workflows  
  • Cox Automotive data network and consumer insights  
  • Ongoing support from an experienced Performance Manager

Case Study: Tim Dahle Auto Group

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