Artificial Intelligence Book:
Accelerate Sales with AI by Chase Abbott

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The customers of tomorrow want something different from your dealership — a more personalized shopping experience. Download our eBook to learn how a CRM with artificial intelligence can help you deliver on customer expectations and stay relevant to the next generation of car buyers. It covers:  

  • Using AI to transform the car buying experience for the better.
  • Streamlining your operations with a CRM with AI and freeing your staff up tofocuson what matters most.  
  • Overcoming the barriers to adopting AI.
  • Best practices for implementing a CRM with AI at your dealership.
  • Why now is the best time to act.

Download our book and get a head start over your competition in the race for AI.

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Only VinSolutions Connect CRM with Connect Automotive Intelligence uses artificial intelligence and Cox Automotive buyer information to help identify which of a dealership’s customers are most likely to buy. In fact, consumers classified as “ready to buy” by Connect Automotive Intelligence are 8.2 times more likely than the average customer in the CRM to purchase within 30 days.

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