What are you
(and your customers)
not seeing?

Show customers what they want to see and give your whole sales team a full view as well. Bring back show-and-tell with the new Connect Texting.

95% of your customers own a mobile phone and 9 out of 10 consumers are interested in communicating with businesses via text messaging.

Texting offers a tremendous opportunity to improve customer engagement, but it’s important to be able to track the conversations in your CRM. Fortunately, VinSolutions Connect Texting has you covered.

Features include:

  • Customer Conversation History – See the text conversations between your dealership and your customers in a single view inside their VinSolutions Connect CRM customer record.
  • Photos and Videos Upgrade – Send images of vehicles and features quickly and easily through VinSolutions Connect CRM. With VinSolutions Connect Mobile, you can engage with your customers from anywhere on the lot.
  • Customer Texting Opt-in – Your dealership’s marketing efforts stay compliant with proper opt-in requests within the CRM.
VinSolutions Connect Texting

Improve the view for your customers and your dealership.

Find out how VinSolutions Connect Texting can improve the customer experience and help close more deals.

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